6 Employee Monitoring Software Trends to Watch in 2022


DETROIT – The talk of Covid-19 and how it has changed lives, as we know, has lasted long enough to become the new normal. Some of us are still working from home, some have returned to the office, while others are doing a bit of both. Whatever your situation, we all have a common tendency as employees; we don’t spend 100% of our time during working hours.

It could be coming to work late, watching a movie during work hours, or even sleeping. For these reasons, most of our workplaces have employee monitoring mechanisms in place. Some are simple, like the good old weekly logbook, while others are sophisticated and require more than biometrics.

Employers and businesses must adapt to an ever-changing environment. Getting the most out of shrewd employees who are always looking to beat the system requires constant upgrades.

If you are wondering how it is done, this article is here for you. Read on as we explore six employee tracking software trends of 2022.

Cloud-based and on-premises

Before we dive into the advancement of employee monitoring software features, it is essential to understand how the entire system is run. An organization can run its employee monitoring system through cloud-based or on-premises platforms.

The cloud is where the data related to the monitoring software is stored on the server of the software provider. On-premises, as the name suggests, means that the data related to the monitoring software is stored on the organization’s server.

Cloud-based employee monitoring software tools are becoming increasingly popular with businesses due to their many benefits. They are not only safe but cost less in the long run.

On the other hand, companies avoid on-premises employee monitoring apps because they are expensive to run and insecure. However, companies with sensitive data prefer on-premises monitors to cloud-based ones.


Biometric technology can be applied in all aspects of employee monitoring. It can be used to monitor transaction activity, employee movements and working hours. The best employee monitoring software tools are integrated with biometric capability.

Employee monitoring software with an integrated fingerprint reader can be used to clock employees in or out. Similarly, wearable devices with monitoring software can track employee payments and movements, as most are equipped with a fingerprint reader.

As we move up the ladder of sophistication, we learn about voice, face, and eye recognition technology. Surveillance tools that incorporate iris recognition provide better accuracy and security. They are commonly used in high risk areas such as banks or military bases.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, is part of the Internet of Things, which is a common feature in almost every aspect of human life. AI allows computer programs to mimic human intelligence by responding to queries as humans would.

AI presents many possibilities in employee monitoring. This technology comes into play when you think of employee monitoring as behavior modeling to increase productivity. AI can take on the role of micro-management, which is important when dealing with employees who perform best under supervision.

Initially, we were talking about facial recognition as a way to monitor employees. AI integration in facial recognition is used to keep tabs on employee activity during working hours through random checks. The same can apply to tracking internet usage and active/idle time.


CCTV has been around for a while and is expected to be around for the foreseeable future. This is a simple feature that visually monitors active hours and employee activity.

The biggest drawback of these tools has been the need for human intervention in the monitoring process. However, AI and facial recognition can be integrated with CCTV to provide regular image data on workplace activity.


Companies in the delivery industry or those whose staff work off-site should monitor the activity of their employees. Geofencing is a feature that enables real-time monitoring of employee locations through GPS-enabled devices.

The latest employee monitoring software tools can track real-time location, give accurate downtimes, and even flag attempted break-ins. In some cases, especially in the delivery industry, it is used for route planning to increase efficiency.


Much of employee oversight has always relied on humans to make the final decisions. Employee monitors were mostly used to show evidence only, while humans were left to toe and fro from the evidence provided.

Well, not anymore. Most employee monitoring tools can generate conclusive reports that inform important decisions. Features like screenshots and geo-tracking can populate critical employee behavior data and make it available at the push of a button.

Get ready for even more advances in employee monitoring software technology!

Employee tracking software tools have undergone a significant transformation since the practice’s inception. Modern employee monitoring software has dozens of features that collectively improve an employee’s performance.

Are you looking for a tool to monitor your employees? What features are you most interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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