9 reasons to consider becoming a software developer


Code Institute’s Daragh Ó Tuama looks at some of the benefits of being a software developer for those considering making the switch.

Career changers are brave. They decided to do something scary but, in the end, they take care of their future.

Whether it’s changing careers because your current job is making you unhappy, or you just want to do something more interesting, a move into software development is a very exciting decision.

Here’s the good news for career changers: Over the past 10 years, the demand for software developers has been tremendous. In other words, there are not enough programmers. This has been most visible over the past couple of years as companies raced to improve their online game.

A software developer‘s specialty lies in developing software for businesses to achieve a specific goal. The software created can be a game, a database program, a website, etc.

The job of the software developer is to write and execute codes until the programs meet the customer’s requirements. The position may be demanding, but the benefits of completing the tasks are worth it. As a result, software development continues to be one of the highest paying jobs.

Here are nine reasons why software development is the perfect role for ambitious career changers.

1. Software developers are in high demand

Right now, there is a massive global skills shortage in the tech sector. Log on to your job site and type in the word “software”. How many jobs have appeared? Probably thousands.

The thing is, software development skills are no longer limited to the tech industry. Having these skills is a bonus for most jobs. All good companies have websites and apps, and the need for IT know-how is huge.

2. It’s great for people who like to solve problems

Do you have an incredible ability to solve even the toughest problems? Then software development is something you should definitely try.

Why? Software development is hours of writing and executing code, debugging and fixing errors that occur. Employers are also looking for employees who can develop innovative solutions to existing problems.

3. You will always learn

Working in the tech industry means you constantly have to learn new things. New programming languages, innovations and features emerge regularly in the technology sector.

As a result, a software developer is always learning something new and staying ahead of the game in terms of technical expertise.

4. It can bring a high salary

The high salary is another attractive argument for working as a software developer. Software developers are in high demand and earn incredible salaries right from the entry level. And the amount increases with experience and successful projects.

5. It’s a collaborative career

Software development is not a solitary activity. Instead, a team of highly skilled developers is needed to build a successful business model.

As a software developer, you will be part of an equally enthusiastic team. As a result, you’ll build more relationships and have a better chance of starting your own business.

6. Software development exercises your creativity

Do you have an idea? You can create unique software with this idea, no matter how innovative or challenging it is. One of the benefits of working as a software developer is the ability to do so.

As you learn all the ins and outs of development, you’ll better understand how the computing world works and be able to showcase your ideas for creating software that will help others.

7. Software developers can often work remotely

The days of getting up and going to work are long gone for many. Most people can now work entirely on the computer. Thus, employees are no longer required to report to the office.

Software developers whose entire work relies on typing codes on the desktop can work remotely to get their jobs done.

8. Career progression

It’s easier for coders to move up the career ladder. Indeed, new technologies are always needed and many industries depend on them. Companies are constantly looking for software developers, and as teams grow, so do management structures.

Generally, a junior developer turns into a senior developer in five years. After that, your value increases, as does your place on the career ladder.

9. Job Satisfaction

First, the satisfaction of creating code is unmatched. Unlike other tasks, your results are always easy to see after you design something with code.

Whether it’s a website you’re designing or adding lines of code to future technology, the results are usually clear.

Whatever the reason, if you are considering a career in technology, with the growth of technology, the opportunities in this field are endless and in high demand.

By Daragh O Tuama

Daragh Ó Tuama is the head of digital content and production at Code Institute, which recently published an e-book looking at what to expect when making a career change to software development.

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