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by Analytics Insight

June 17, 2021

Gone are the days when the job of a software developer was offered solely on the basis of academic achievement. Today, employers prefer to hire people with exceptional coding skills. An increase in the number of managers who prefer coding interview tools over other techniques is a promising trend that has been noticed in recruiting. Pair programming tools, which allow the interviewer and interviewee to collaborate on a piece of code, have effectively replaced the iconic whiteboard interviews. Coding contests or competitions allow hiring managers to assess candidates’ skills and competencies while allowing them to compare candidates to other programmers around the world.

Companies are now constantly looking for talented programmers to join their engineering teams. More importantly, as solving problems using data structures and algorithms now take center stage in coding cycles, technical interviews can be terrifying when you don’t know who they are with. in competition and where they stand. Although the candidates applying for the job have the ability to code, they need a platform to benchmark their coding skills to understand their coding credibility. Here comes the need for coding platforms to help aspirants with the qualities that help them get hired by IT companies.

Below are three companies that help organizations and aspirants with the hiring process through their coding competitions:

1. ChefCode:

CodeChef is a platform where programmers aspire to create waves in algorithms, computer programming, and programming contests. At CodeChef, the team works hard to revive the geek in the student by organizing several programming contests. One might also find training sessions and discussions related to algorithms, binary search, technical details like array size, etc. on CodeChef. Although CodeChef continues to be a hub for programming competitions, it also offers various algorithm tutorials and discussion forums to help those new to the world of computer programming.

2. School of Newton:

For beginners and working pros alike, Newton School’s Grand Coding Contest is a hit. They bring seekers a unique Avengers style coding contest where one can compete with the entire coding community in India. Candidates also have the opportunity to explore job opportunities while simultaneously improving their coding skills and can win exciting cash prizes. With over 15,000 entrants and over 1 lakh submissions, this coding contest has become the largest of its kind in India.

3. International College Programming Competition (ICPC):

The International College Programming Competition, known as CIPC – an annual competitive tiered programming competition open to universities around the world. The competition is a stage for creativity, teamwork and innovation in the creation of new software. It also tests participants’ ability to perform under pressure by giving them real-time challenges to solve. The competition also provides CPIC participants with the opportunity to learn and experiment with cutting-edge computing issues by presenting them with challenges in different areas of computing.

In order to land a lucrative job as a software engineer, coders must be skilled in both software development and competitive programming. It’s like how basketball players not only play basketball but also spend time in the gym while training. Running on a treadmill or lifting weights might not have a direct impact on their game, but staying in shape does. Software engineers are in the same boat. Global tech giants provide an incredible environment for techies to create experiences that touch billions of people. Additionally, competitive coding reps can be directly applied to whiteboard interviews for software engineering gigs.

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