Best Qualifications to Land a Software Developer Job in South Africa


Most South African software developers have computer science degrees, however, this is not the only qualification that will land you a job as a software developer in South Africa.

According to OfferZen State of the Nation of Software Developers Report – based on a survey of over 3,500 local developers – 36% of South African software developers have not studied computer science.

OfferZen and Codehesion said there are several in-demand fields of study that favor potential software developers, including:

  • BEng in Electricity, IT and Mechatronics
  • BSc Multimedia
  • BCom IT
  • B Information Systems (BIS) and Information Technology (BIT)

The companies also told MyBroadband that applicants don’t necessarily need a graduate degree to land a job as a software developer.

They said there is a notable demand in the industry for self-taught candidates.

“Talent comes from different avenues in technology because there are so many sources available for candidates to develop,” said Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers.

“Codehesion has high performers from different learning backgrounds. Some candidates are self-taught, while others have gone through higher education,” he added.

OfferZen’s report showed that one in four South African developers (25%) learned to code on their own.

“These developers used resources such as online tutorials and courses, side projects, and coding sites,” said Stephen van der Heijden, vice president of communities at OfferZen.

Whether you have a degree or are a self-taught software developer, it’s important to make sure you have experience in the relevant programming languages.

According to OfferZen and Codehesion, South African companies are currently recruiting candidates who have skills and experience in the following languages:

  • VS#
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Experience with React and Angular JavaScript frameworks are also in-demand skills for South African companies at the moment.

Other favorable qualifications include experience in the following platforms and frameworks:

  • react native
  • Rubies on rails
  • AWS

Given these skills, OfferZen has also provided the highest rated positions in South African companies over the past three months:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Architect
  • Ruby Engineer
  • Java Engineer
  • .NET Engineer
  • Engineering team leader

While it may seem that there is a significant demand for software developers – especially as the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged an increase in online activities and the adoption of remote working – it is not. so clear.

“It’s hard to tell if there is an overall undersupply or oversupply of developers in the market. We see that for senior developers, demand is steadily increasing and salaries are showing 19% year-over-year increases,” van der Heijden said.

“Among the juniors, however, wages have not increased to the same extent,” he added.

According to Google African Developer Ecosystem Report, salaries for junior developers decreased in 2021.

Google attributed the decline to an “oversupply of junior developers and perceived lower skill levels”.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many developers sought remote positions for international companies – but now they are coming back.

“Codehesion has seen applications come in from these candidates as more and more developers feel disconnected working remotely for international companies,” Beyers said.

He also said that “they are now opting for more local roles to feel more connected and upskill faster.”

According to van der Heijden, another factor that complicates the demand for developers is the rate at which the skills needed to become an in-demand developer are changing.

“In our experience, we’ve noticed that developers need to learn new skills every few months to keep up, which means for each job posting, it’s limited to seniority, location and the tech stack of that role,” van der Heijden said. .

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