Designing the Future: Rocket Academy’s Efforts to Hone Software Skills


This is to meet the continued demand for software engineering in Singapore.

The chief executive of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Ravi Menon, has made software engineering the most in-demand tech role in 2021. What has alarmed him, however, is that less than 20% of available jobs have gone local software engineers.

Neo Kai Yuan from Rocket Academy noticed that software engineering education in Singapore could take as long as a university course with a price to match. Leveraging his background and professional training as a software engineer, he aimed for Rocket Academy to fill the gaps in effectively teaching software engineering through the use of a flipped classroom approach.

Through a pre-screening process, students will be determined if they meet the course requirements through the assessment of their communication and coding skills.

Compared to other traditional courses and bootcamp platforms, Rocket Academy offers more hands-on application.

“Each student in the class is paired with another student in the class with a different partner each day. They will be placed in breakout rooms in Zoom, where they can work together on that particular day’s exercise. The idea is that it’s like a tutorial or lab you might have in college, where students can solidify their understanding through hands-on practice with a partner.

The course was created with an online platform in mind, which helps to emphasize flexibility and accessibility. Kai also complements this goal by offering the introductory course, Coding Basics, free to newcomers.

Rocket Academy recently raised $1.5 million in a first funding round, with funding from over 50 angel investors and venture capitalists in Southeast Asia. Notable backers include founder Daris Cheung, Carousell co-founder Marcus Tan, Doordash co-founder Stanley Teng, and venture capital firms Taurus Ventures and Hustle Fund.

Going forward, Rocket Academy wants to focus on the development of five components of the start-up, namely education, platform, growth in Hong Kong and Australia, core team distribution and online training.

Kai believes that the focus of Rocket Academy will always be the development of software engineering talent.

“I believe software engineering is the most in-demand technology skill right now. Personally, I also believe that software engineering is the foundation of many other technical skills. We are very focused on software engineering because we believe that this is where the biggest gap is, there is still a long way to go to meet this demand on a global scale.


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