eDSMB® Expands Ethical’s Line of Secure and Compliant Software for Clinical Board Management


The new Ethical eDSMB® software offers sponsors, CROs and AROs a complete solution for simpler and more efficient management of the DSMB, DMC and steering committee. With eAdjudication® for clinical adjudication, eDeviation® for protocol deviations and now eDSMB® for DSMBs, DMCs and Steering Committees, Ethical customers have access to a full suite of easy-to-use software platforms for manage clinical committees more effectively. .

Press release

updated: Sep 20, 2022 10:00 AM CEST

BASEL, Switzerland, September 20, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
Ethical GmbH, a Swiss eClinical company providing cost-effective and compliant software and personalized support to simplify the daily work of clinical teams, launches new software for the management of DSMBs, DMCs and Steering Committees.

The use of clinical committees such as DSMBs, DMCs and steering committees to improve the quality of clinical trials has become common practice. Managing an expert panel, however, requires performing critical time-consuming activities such as scheduling meetings, presenting clean data, preventing accidental blinding, signing meeting reports, filing decisions, etc. A secure and efficient process supported by a The use of the tool is essential to ensure the quality of the trial and overcome time constraints.

A single hub

eDSMB® is a cloud-based platform supporting all operations related to a DSMB, DMC or steering committee. From a single platform and repository, clinical teams collect committee member resumes, schedule meetings, collaborate online, send invitations, manage permissions, conduct meetings, collect electronic signatures, document decisions, export to TMF, etc.

Safety, efficiency and compliance

eDSMB® provides a best-practice workflow model with document and meeting templates, role-based permissions, secure access, assistance with setting up, scheduling, and running meetings, and other features. Audit trails of all operations performed on the system are available at all times for compliance inspections. (www.edsmb.com)

Mimmo Garibbo, Managing Director of Ethical GmbH said: “With eDSMB®, Ethical continues to expand its portfolio of secure and compliant software solutions for the management of clinical committees. With eAdjudication® for clinical arbitration, eDeviation® for protocol deviations, and now eDSMB® for the management of DSMBs, our customers benefit from a complete range of easy-to-use software platforms to manage their clinical committees more efficiently.”

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Download the complete DSMBs-DMCs manual here (20 pages).

Source: Ethical GmbH


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