EFI Connect spotlights graphics inkjet printers and display software


The 22nd Annual EFI Connect Conference in Las Vegas this week showcased the new 126-inch-wide EFI Pro 30h UV LED printer and EFI’s advanced class of superwide format inkjet printers. Connect also featured the first live demonstration of the new EFI Fiery FS500 Pro digital front end and the launch of EFI Fiery Prep-it software – an innovative prepress product for graphic display businesses.

Keynote address by EFI CEO Jeff Jacobson at EFI Connect in Las Vegas

The new 126-inch-wide EFI Pro 30h UV LED printer prints up to 2,477 square feet per hour, delivering a combination of speed and efficiency that makes it a super-wide format hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll solution ideal for companies targeting production display graphics.

“Designed to provide broader application capacity, versatility and profit potential, the printer maximizes productivity by printing large cards or multiple small cards continuously,” EFI said. “Switching from rigid to flexible media with the printer is easy, and the Pro 30h can print on two rolls, giving users high throughput and the ability to run multiple jobs simultaneously.”

Connect attendees also discovered signage production opportunities with EFI’s advanced class of super-wide format inkjet printers.

This trio of printers includes:

The EFI VUTEk® XT (shown above) is a 126-inch-wide hybrid solution with available media handling automation that prints at speeds in excess of 375 boards per hour. A new CP5G system for the XT model provides full ink circulation, superior dot placement, 5 picoliter droplets and grayscale imaging for near-lithography quality without going beyond color sets. four-color CMYK inks.

The EFI VUTEk Q5r, a 208-inch-wide UV LED inkjet production tool that is the fastest roll-to-roll printer in its class, thanks to throughput speeds of up to 7,233 square feet per hour . Users can establish a complete print-to-finished graphics workflow on the VUTEk Q5r with slitting, trimming and other value-added options, including a new inline visual inspection system available this year.

The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for display graphics is “a revolutionary 71-inch-wide signage solution.” Available with up to six colors, plus white ink, it prints on synthetic and paper-based media at up to 1,000 sheets or cartons per hour – three or four times faster than shuttle/multipass the most productive. display graphics printers.

Connect also featured the first live demonstration of the new EFI Fiery FS500 Pro Digital Front End (DFE) – the most advanced print server in EFI’s more than 30-year history – and the launch of EFI Fiery Impress DFE , a scalable and flexible server and color management solution for inkjet label and packaging applications, as well as in-line manufacturing lines requiring variable printing.

EFI Connect also marks the launch of an innovative prepress product for graphic display businesses, EFI Fiery Prep-it software for the preparation, layout and automated production of print jobs for cutting. Designed to meet productivity needs amid ongoing labor shortages, this real-shape nesting solution reduces the time it takes to nest complex objects for large printing by up to 90%. format.

efi the oprep
New EFI Fiery Prep-it software launched at EFI Connect delivers significant media savings with true-shape nesting for large format printing

One of the software’s early adopters, Hossein Rasoulian, technical specialist at California-based Super Color Digital, found that it reduced the time spent nesting jobs by 50%. “Fiery Prep-it is a very powerful and easy to use solution,” Rasoulian said. “It can nest odd-shaped jobs very quickly and uses supports extremely efficiently. We can also fully automate our print and cut process using Prep-it’s integration capabilities to get a large amount of work produced accurately, error free.

EFI is also extending its industry-leading DFE technology offerings to Connect with the global launch of Fiery Impress DFE, a scalable and flexible out-of-the-box server and color management solution. “The Fiery Impress DFE helps equipment manufacturers achieve exceptional productivity and image quality,” said EFI. “Specialty inkjet equipment vendors with low unit volumes, as well as one-stop manufacturing lines that want to add variable or custom printing with a print bar, can expand their digital offerings with this new innovative technology.

The Fiery Impress DFE can drive entry-level, mid-range or high-volume inkjet equipment on a range of hardware platforms. For example, users can produce TIFF files to a storage location for entry-level CMYK digital presses, or produce fast, RIP-while-print output of variable data content to 7-color digital presses at continuous and high-volume feeding. Fiery Command WorkStation, the industry’s leading operator interface for job management, is standard with Fiery Impress DFE. A wide range of integrated software options are also available, including prepress, color management, workflow automation and EFI IQ cloud analysis.

“As the industry struggles to regain its footing after a very difficult few years, EFI customers and partners come to Connect to learn about actionable strategies and important technology developments that could be critical to their future success” , said Ken Hanulec, vice president of global marketing, EFI. “And, more than anything, this year’s conference reflects the community, collaboration and innovation that print companies can use to seize the growing opportunities of the analog-to-digital transformation of the industry.”

Connect conference offerings include an accelerated two-day expert/professional certification training on the Idealliance G7 print specifications.



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