HMD Global Announces New Software Service


As Nokia fans wait for more exciting smartphone hardware from HMD Global, the Finns are creating a new corporate software product. HMD Global has just filed a trademark application with the EUIPO for a service called HMD Softlock.

The application is filed under software and application for various types of devices which should or could be used to control and manage access server applications and many other things. It could be a Connect plan management service or something completely different.

HMD Global has already filed 13 trademark applications, and so far only the one for Face Unlock has not been granted. While trademarks for phones do not have HMD in the name, all software and networking activities developed by HMD bear their name. Maybe there is some sort of deal with Nokia not to put HMD on top of brand names like Asha, PureView, Xpress-On that Nokia has created in the past.

Still, some might call it an exit strategy, but HMD just released a nice set of calling services and data plans for small businesses and individuals who need an easy way to control data and calling plans via app. HMD has registered a trademark ConnectActivate Pro and Mobile, and now we will see what HMD Softlock is.



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