MobiDev explores software development infrastructures


The right choice of infrastructure for a technology-based startup can help cope with unpredictable user base growth, volatile demand, and server load. MobiDev explores software development with web experts examining infrastructure options such as Firebase, Lambda on PHP, Kubernetes and Docker Swarm to show tech startup owners how to scale a software product correctly and in a timely manner, in alignment with the business flow.

1. DockerSwarm

Docker Swarm is an optimal solution for a beta version of a startup with a limited number of users. However, unlike Kubernetes, it cannot scale automatically based on load. Thus, Docker Swarm is typically only used for project launch or an MVP, where servers are added manually.

2. Kubernetes

Kubernetes is worth considering if the product has understandable or predictable user growth and workload and may require autoscaling and competent use of billing in the future. It’s easy to add or remove servers, while autoscaling lets you change the amount of running containers

3. AWS Lamda

AWS Lambda is fine in the beginning, when the number of users varies widely, from zero to any required value. However, switching from AWS Lambda to another solution can be difficult and depends on the programming language.

4. Firebase

If you want to test an idea and reduce time to market, start with Firebase. It is a proper platform with lots of out-of-the-box extensions, integrations, and features. Firebase lets you quickly investigate the market and get funding, but its functionality is limited. Also, switching from Firebase to something else can be problematic, and sometimes you might have to code from scratch, but it really depends on the business goals.

The MobiDev team successfully used Firebase to develop a platform for mutual support that people give to each other

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