Next advancement segment to explore innovations in software tools


An upcoming segment of Advancements with Ted Danson will inform about recent improvements in building, configuring, and deploying “no-code” software.

This Advancements segment will focus on innovations in next-generation technologies for deploying and delivering software to end users, as it explores how harpoon provides the tools needed to achieve simple to complex enterprise-level software deployment.

By hearing from the experts, viewers will learn how harpoon builds, deploys and configures software without writing configuration code or scripts. With visual drag and drop features, viewers will learn how the tool deploys any software in seconds as it instantly searches and finds any commercial or open source software and deploys it in the cloud or on premise with just one click.

“If you’ve ever deployed software, you know you need someone to run and maintain it, whether you’re deploying manually or maintaining the DevOps scripts that do it automatically,” said the founder and CEO of harpoon. , Dominic Holt. “DevOps is becoming a requirement to do business and be competitive, but there’s so much time and money going into it. You have software developers tinkering with something, but it’s only going to work for a while and will eventually break. When you analyze the cost, you realize that it collectively took a year of effort and a million dollars. You not only lost money, you lost a year of development time on your software project”.

The show will also explore how Harpoon is leveling the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses competing with giants, allowing businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of a large DevOps team. Viewers will learn how technologies like Harpoon help automate some of the most manual and expensive processes in product development.

“Harpoon’s drag-and-drop features allow anyone to use production software without code,” said Richard Simon, producer of the Advancements series. “It’s a game-changer and we can’t wait to explore that on the show.”

About the harpoon:

harpoon offers enterprises a launch pad to accelerate their journey on the path to digital transformation and a truly “contactless” deployment and update system. The company started the process by implementing a visual signature layer on top of Kubernetes that allows developers to dynamically deploy their software via drag-and-drop without writing a single script or line of code. harpoon also has critical security processes and compliance standards built into the environment, allowing any software in the world to be deployed securely.

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