Opera Software releases Opera VPN Pro for Android


Opera Software, best known for its Opera web browser, spear Opera VPN Pro commercial VPN service for Android this month.

Opera Software’s browsers include built-in VPN functionality which is free to use. The new Pro version extends the service to the entire device. Connecting to Free VPN in Opera only encrypts traffic in the browser, but any other app running on the Android device does not.

As for the specifics: Opera Software claims that customers get access to over 3,000 VPN servers worldwide when they subscribe to the service. Up to six Android devices can be protected and the VPN component is integrated into the Opera web browser, which means that customers do not need to install another application to add VPN functionality to their devices.

Opera Software declares its VPN service to be a “no-log service”. The company is offering early access to interested users, and there’s a 7-day trial for users who want to test out the service before making a purchasing decision.

All plans offer the same features and prices differ depending on the subscription period. Customers can sign up for one-month or three-month terms, which cost $2.99 ​​or $1.99, respectively. It is unclear for how long the early bird price is available.

Opera customers who subscribe to VPN Pro enjoy several benefits. In addition to device-wide support, customers can also select specific regions to connect to, enable auto-connect on boot, and switch VPN protocols. Unfortunately, only OpenVPN and IKEv2 are available, which means Wireguard is missing.

The use is simple. Open Opera web browser on the Android device, select VPN and sign in to Opera account if you are not already signed in. There you get the options to connect to the fastest server or a server in a specific region. Opera VPN Pro supports servers in over 30 different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, and the United Arab Emirates.

Apps and services worked as expected in testing, but the browser in question is still a beta product.

Closing words

Android users who want to try Opera VPN Pro can download the beta version of the browser for Android here. The release includes the VPN component used to establish system-wide VPN connections.

The VPN service is currently limited to Android, and this may be one of the main reasons why Opera Software is launching it at a reduced price. It’s unclear if desktop support is planned, but it seems likely as it would significantly improve the VPN product.

A lot of information is missing at this point, including whether there are data thresholds and whether Opera Software manages the entire service infrastructure.

Some Android users, especially those who already use the Opera browser, may find the addition of the device-wide VPN service useful, as it eliminates the need to install another app on the device. Some users may want more information, especially about the infrastructure used before making a decision.

Could this decision also be an option for Mozilla? The Firefox maker also operates a VPN service with the help of Mullvad and it could, in theory, integrate it into the Firefox browser to reach a wider audience.

Now you: what do you think of Opera VPN Pro? Will other browser makers follow?


Opera Software releases Opera VPN Pro for Android

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Opera Software releases Opera VPN Pro for Android

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Opera Software, best known for its Opera web browser, launched the Opera VPN Pro commercial VPN service for Android this month.


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