Quest Software Releases Foglight 6.1 to Boost Operations, Performance, and Data Efficiency Across IT Infrastructure


Quest Software announced the release of Foglight 6.1, a monitoring and optimization platform for the hybrid enterprise. Foglight empowers enterprises to confidently manage their IT infrastructure and databases by providing the tools to thoroughly optimize database workloads and manage cloud costs. New features include notification management for configuring IT alerts, gMSA account integration for password security, and execution plan analysis for MySQL.

Available now, Foglight 6.1 further enhances users’ ability to spot and diagnose problems in near real-time, while reducing operational costs and alert fatigue for IT teams. It is a key solution that is part of Quest’s Data Empowerment Portfolio, which aims to address data operations, data protection and data governance for enterprises. With Quest, businesses find, understand, and use relevant enterprise data assets to make faster, smarter decisions.

“As DevOps teams build, deploy and update enterprise applications, organizations must ensure that application performance does not fall through the cracks,” said Venkat Rajaji, vice president of product management for Quest ISM. “Almost 8 out of 10 IT decision makers say their companies have maintained or increased complexity, highlighting the need to simplify ITOps and reduce noise for technical teams. This update will enable our customers to improve application performance, centralize the efficient allocation of resources in the cloud, and reduce security risks across their entire organization.

Foglight 6.1 key features include:

  • New Execution Plan Analysis for MySQL: To analyze and diagnose problems in MySQL database workloads historically, using flexible multidimensional surveys and execution plan analysis
  • Notification management for setting up alarm emails: to gain precision and speed in managing alarms, by alerting the right people, reducing the “noise” of alarms and identifying key problems
  • Password security: to allow Foglight administrators to use increasingly popular gMSA accounts to monitor SQL Server and operating systems
  • User Experience Improvements in Navigation and Customization: To allow each user to easily customize their own experience through the Foglight UI, building on improvements made in Foglight version 6.0

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