Software Developer and Tech Youtuber Jasmine Wu is Miss Silicon Valley USA 2022


The 22-year-old software engineer empowers women and girls to pursue their dreams in technology.

Miss Silicon Valley USA 2022 has finally been named – and it’s Jasmine Wu, software developer and tech Youtuber. The 22-year-old graduated with a degree in business and computer science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, making her the first woman in the family to earn a bachelor’s degree and work in the technology industry.

As a woman in tech, Jasmine encourages young girls and women to learn technical skills and improve their lives and careers. Although Silicon Valley and the tech industry can be competitive, challenging and aggressive at times, Jasmine believes that femininity still has a place in tech and should be celebrated rather than hidden. Through her YouTube channel TechGalDiaries, she shares her journey in technology, education and personal development. She wants other women and girls to know that they can achieve anything with the right mindset, persistence and hard work.

Apart from being a Tech Youtuber, Jasmine has also worked as a tech intern at Best Buy and Nordstrom. Today, she works as a full-time software engineer and loves building apps and tools that will help others.

She sees challenges as opportunities for growth and attributes her Christian faith to what she has achieved so far. It was a longtime dream for her to be where she is now; through all of life’s ups and downs, her faith and values ​​gave her the strength she needed to stay true to herself while pursuing her goals.

As Miss Silicon Valley USA 2022, Jasmine plans to use her platform to continue building advocacy for TechGalDiaries – inspiring others, especially women, to pursue their dreams in tech.

To learn more about Miss Silicon Valley USA 2022 Jasmine Wu, visit her Youtube channel TechGalDiaries or connect with her on Instagram at @jasmineee_wu

About Jasmine Wu

Jasmine Wu is a software developer who graduated from the University of British Columbia’s business and computer science program in May 2021. She also has her own YouTube channel called TechGalDiaries, where she shares her journey in technology, the education and personal development.

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