Software Developer Rating Platform CodeSignal Raises $50M in New Funding


Data-driven tech talent recruiting platform CodeSignal Inc. today announced that it has closed a $50 million funding round, bringing its total amount raised to $87.5 million.

Index Ventures led the Series C round with participation from Menlo Ventures, Headline and A Capital.

The company also announced the launch of an advanced integrated development environment that allows recruiters to assign more relevant assessment experiences to candidates.

CodeSignal has created a cloud-based platform that companies looking to hire software developers can use to assess candidates’ programming expertise. For candidates, the platform provides a specialized code editor that they can use to perform programming tests during the recruitment process. For recruiting companies, CodeSignal provides tools to reduce the manual work needed to assess candidates’ skills.

The startup’s platform includes more than 4,000 pre-packaged coding tasks that can be used to assess candidates’ familiarity with the various technical topics. Businesses can also create their own custom tasks. Once a candidate completes an assignment, automated algorithms assign a score to their project, allowing recruiters to see how well the developer completed the task without having to manually review their code.

Recruiters can also use CodeSignal to perform more in-depth assessments of a developer’s familiarity with a given technology or programming language. CodeSignal offers a “replay” feature that lets you see how a candidate solved a task to get insight into their workflow. For a more technical insight into a candidate’s coding approach, tech-savvy recruiters can also extract coding errors that were generated while the developer was working on an assignment.

CodeSignal co-founder and managing director Tigran Sloyan told SiliconANGLE that the new IDE is intended to help companies create more realistic job assessments for candidates during last-minute interviews. He explained that while the company’s existing general coding assessments are designed to measure basic programming fundamentals and computer knowledge, the IDE is more targeted, allowing recruiters to measure the ability to a candidate to perform specific or unique tasks.

“If you think about evaluating the skills of basketball players, GCA measures a player’s basic skills such as the ability to run fast, jump high, etc.,” Sloyan said. “The new IDE is a real-life simulation of the entire game to assess skills in very unique situations such as the ability to quickly accelerate while doing a dummy move, then dodging a block and performing a slam dunk. “

Sloyan added that companies will now be able to use CodeSignal to provide more relevant assessments for complex development and data roles.

“Employers can now assess the full stack and other complex skills within a single coding task that supports a live interface, file system and terminal, all in a browser,” a- he continued. “This innovation is not only essential for hiring full-stack developers, it revolutionizes the cloud IDE to create the most realistic simulation of software engineering jobs available on the market.”

Constellation Research Inc. analyst Holger Mueller told SiliconANGLE that the updates should benefit recruiters and candidates.

“Companies need to hire more developers in order to become and remain digital transformation winners, and for that they need better recruiting tools,” he said. “It’s good to see CodeSignal stepping up its game, making it easier for companies to find qualified developers, and giving developers a way to show off their true skills.”

CodeSignal claims some of the world’s largest tech companies among its customers, including Facebook Inc., Zoom Video Communications Inc., and video game developer Roblox Corp.

“This funding will help accelerate our product and go-to-market functions to continue helping companies make data-driven hiring decisions, while creating a phenomenal candidate experience along the way,” Sloyan said. .

Photo: Stocksnap/Pixabay

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