Software Developer – TI-ONLINE


The purpose of the position is to design, develop, maintain, operationalize and secure computer software applications that support the
various business units and the company’s overall business strategy. As a software developer, you will be responsible for:

? Design, develop, monitor, maintain and secure software applications that meet functional and non-functional requirements
requirements for internal/external stakeholders within specified timeframes.
? Design, set up, develop, monitor, maintain, back up and secure databases to ensure the security and integrity of the data of
databases in accordance with database design standards and best practices on an ongoing basis.
? Design, implement, develop and maintain business intelligence information systems to support business decision making on
a continuous basis.
? Build, script, install, configure and administer enterprise environments and systems.
? Provide end-user support (telephone or written) to internal and external stakeholders on IT systems as needed

Skills and knowledge base

The successful candidate will possess the following essential qualifications, skills and abilities:

? BSC degree in Computer Science or BTech or Advanced Diploma or equivalent qualification relevant to NQF Level 7.
? A minimum of five (5) years of Full Stack development experience in C#.
? Knowledge and experience of software methodologies (Waterfall & Agile).
? Knowledge and experience in system integration and migration.
? Knowledge and experience in database development.
? Knowledge and experience in business intelligence development.

Desired skills:

  • Btech
  • Diploma
  • BSC Computer Science

Desired work experience:

Desired level of qualification:

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