Swiss-based software company Netcetera has announced that it is enabling payments in the Middle East with the acquisition of its 3DS server solution for PayTabs.


Swiss based software company Netcetera announced the activation of payments in the Middle East through the acquisition of its 3DS server solution for PayTabs.

PayTabs is a PCI-certified payment services company providing next-generation social commerce, digital and payment solutions in the MEASA region. It offers freelancers, SMEs, banks and wholesalers payment processing services and technologies for integrated payment processing and orchestration. PayTabs operates in several markets in the MEASA region and plans to expand into other emerging markets.

Partnership between PayTabs and Netcetera

PayTabs has entered into a strategic alliance with Netcetera, which offers a 3DS server and 3DS solution tailored to PayTabs’ payment processing needs. According to a PayTabs representative, a secure acquiring solution is important to ensure secure payments for customers in the MEASA region. A Netceterea representative adds that the successful implementation of this project has created security for online payments in the B2B domain.

Netcetera and its 3DS solution

Netcetera’s 3DS solutions allow PayTabs to authenticate and verify the identity of users. 3D Secure, also known as 3DS, is a technical standard that aims to secure online credit and debit card transactions. The term 3DS stands for 3 Domain Server, because each 3D Secure transaction involves three parties, namely the acquirer domain, the issuer domain and the interoperability domain. To make an online purchase, the cardholder must provide proof of identity by entering a one-time password, SMS code or temporary PIN. This simplifies online payment via computer, tablet and mobile phone and prevents card fraud.

Netcetera offers IT products and individual digital solutions in the areas of secure digital payment, fintech, media, transport, healthcare and insurance. There are more than 2,500 banks and issuers, as well as 160,000 merchants who trust their digital payment solutions and their 3-D Secure products.

PayTabs other efforts

PayTabs securely processes multi-currency transactions. Using API plugins, PayTabs enables B2B e-commerce solutions for SMBs across multiple industries that can integrate payment functionality into their websites. PayTabs also offers e-invoicing services that allow businesses to use digital invoices, QR code payments, or secure social media payment links.

In 2021, PayTabs launched PT Touch, a soft POS solution in the MENA market that turns smartphones into point-of-sale terminals. Recently, the company launched its own social commerce platform, Paymes, to facilitate payments for the micro-merchant community. PayTabs also recently launched a globally validated unified payment and transaction processing platform, PayTabs SwitchOn.

To learn more about Netcetera, please see the company profile in the Payers Company Database.


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