Top 10 States for Software Developer Demand and Salaries


For decades, Silicon Valley was widely regarded as the nation’s premier tech hub. In recent years, however, other states and cities have realized the benefits of fostering a local tech industry. With a basket of tax cuts, incubator programs and other incentives, governments have done their best to entice established tech companies and aggressive startups to set up shop.

To determine which states have been successful in encouraging tech employment, we can turn to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings across the country (in addition to other data). Over the past year, the following 10 states have seen strong demand for software developers, along with high median salaries, two big indicators of the prosperity of local tech scenes:

That California tops these rankings should come as no surprise: some of the country’s biggest tech companies call the state home, and Silicon Valley will likely continue to nurture a robust tech scene for years to come, thanks to easy access. to venture capital, to prestigious local companies. metropolitan schools and facilities.

But Silicon Valley also faces more competition than ever. Over the past few years, Texas has done its best to attract California businesses and technologists. Local officials like to claim that Austin, Dallas and Houston offer lower taxes and cost of living than Los Angeles and San Francisco. Based on software developer job postings over the past 12 months, as well as median salaries, it’s clear that the Lone Star State has been successful in attracting significant tech interest, but the growing demand may also translate by an increase in the cost of living.

Virginia is also on the rise, and not just because Amazon chose the state as the host for its massive “HQ2” office. Virginia is already home to technology contractors that serve the federal government, as well as the massive data centers powering AWS and other services.

Interestingly, New York and Washington, both home to well-established tech hubs, trailed Texas and Virginia (and are only just ahead of Florida and Colorado) when it comes to job openings. of software developers. With the rise of the cloud and the growing prevalence of remote and hybrid working, the growth of small tech hubs is only set to accelerate in the years to come. That’s good news for software developers and other technologists who want lots of jobs and high salaries, but don’t necessarily want to move to New York or Silicon Valley.

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