US-based cloud service provider reaches No. 1 with global software giant


MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – UBX Clouda Southeast Michigan-based global cloud services provider, has been recognized as a Platinum Partner by Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader five times, Veeam softwarein August 2021.

Leveraging their longstanding relationship, UBX Cloud approached Veeam Software in January 2021 with an advanced solution to regain market share lost due to limited server backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Since its partnership in this company, UBX Cloud now provides the back-end infrastructure team that manages Veeam Software, in conjunction with the cloud infrastructure. This strategic approach has been a key element in Veeam Software’s market share recovery and growth model in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in India.

With significant experience in international partnerships, Steven Panovski, President and CEO of UBX Cloud, said this is a great opportunity for UBX Cloud to continue to show software agencies around the world what kind of impact his business can make.

“UBX Cloud operates over 5,000 managed backup agents in India to protect home workers by capturing data from their on-premises systems and sending it to our offsite cloud repositories,” Panovski said. “In the event of anything happening to a customer’s data or devices, such as theft or corruption, they come to us for recovery,” he continued.

This year, UBX Cloud looks forward to sharing its technical skills with even more global enterprises and providing data management and recovery solutions to customers who may not even realize they need them.

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