Where to learn popular tech software skills for the highest paying jobs in the US

  • While you’re staying home during the novel coronavirus outbreak, you might want to check out a YouTube or Coursera tutorial on some of the most commonly listed software used in America’s highest-paying jobs.
  • Business Insider found 16 common software tools frequently used in the 28 highest-paying jobs in the United States.
  • On our list were several Microsoft programs, such as Excel, and database tools, such as SQL.
  • Udemy, Coursera, Youtube, and Linkedin Learning all offer courses on some of these frequently listed programs.
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If you’re looking to add popular software tools to your resume before you land your next job or want to learn a new skill, there are plenty of tutorials available online to help you master these programs.

Recently, Business Insider looked at the 16 most common software listed in the 28 highest paying jobs in the United States. Microsoft Office suite programs as well as other Microsoft software were frequently mentioned in these six-figure jobs. Some of the jobs that required these skills were managers in various industries or in the medical field.

Microsoft Excel is mentioned in 21 of the 28 highest-paying jobs, and several sites offer courses for everyone from beginners to advanced learners. The sites also offer both general overviews of the software and specific tips, such as a Coursera course on “Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel” or a Udemy course on Pivot Tables in Excel. . Websites like YouTube offer free tutorials on such software, while Udemy offers similar courses at varying prices.

Here are the various sites to learn the 16 common software needed for the 28 highest paying jobs in America:


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