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House Bill 1540 to Determine the Future of Indiana Casinos

Indiana Riverboat CasinosThe House Bill 1540 has been sent to Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence. According to it, Indiana riverboat casinos will be moved onto land. The addition of live dealers was discussed and rejected, stating that that it might be considered after 2021.

Bill’s Opportunities and Complexities

Thirty-six of the seventy-five Senate members in Indiana consented, and now are waiting for the Governor’s approval. It is not known yet if he will sign it, but if he does, the riverboats will shed their docks and move onto land within the existing footprint of the facilities.

As for the live dealers, this issue led to debates and disagreements. As a result, the casinos willing to add them will wait for six years before they be able to apply for the permission, according to Tom Dermody, the Chairman of the House Public Policy Committee. The proponents of this idea have already stated that the delay made it impossible the local economy to be diversified. But the Governor is among the opponents, so, it looks like the live dealers availability to be postponed.

Additional Conditions

Bill 1540 also contains a proposal to make the tax deduction for free play coupons bigger. The officials stated that the deduction would cost the city $750,000 in riverboat money the first year, and an anticipated $600,000 per year in future. The Bill allows a casino to be placed in St. Joseph County as well. But the placement on a tribal land may introduce further complications.

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