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Online Casino Bonus Guide

Onlice Casino Bonus Guide

Online casinos provide a range of bonuses at present for their players across the globe. The removal of barriers to casinos in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey spurred the interest of the people in the US in online casino gaming and simultaneously, online casinos reassess their situations and introduce new promos to attract more and more players of the US to online gambling. As a result, most of the top online casinos now provide a range of attractive bonuses for online gamblers.

Signup Bonus

Within the range of online casino bonuses, the Signup Bonus is prominent. Every new player receives a Welcome Bonus when he or she registers with an online casino. If they wish so, these signup bonuses can be declined by filling or ticking off the appropriate square negatively on the online registration form. Usually, the Signup Bonus ranges from $5 to $400+. However, most of the online casinos release higher welcome bonuses instalment wise.

With the Signup Bonus, its recipients are expected to abide by the Wagering Requirements (WRs). Therefore, players have to study the WRs of the signup bonuses they select. The formula of a WR appears as 30xb which indicates that the recipients of such a WR has to wager 30 times at the same online casino an equivalent sum of money of the signup bonuses that they receive. It is only then can they withdraw their winnings from the relevant online casino accounts. Some casinos notify that their signup bonuses is completely free. But the applicants for even such free bonuses have to read the terms and conditions of the casino before they apply. You can read more about signup bonus here.

No Deposit Bonus

The well-known No Deposit Bonus ranks as the most popular bonuses of all and as its name suggests it is a bonus that a client is given.  Loads of online casino gamblers get real value from the no deposit casino bonus offers each day. These are offers that can range from $15 to $400+.  A player does not have to apply to receive a no deposit bonus. Players will receive the no deposits in their new casino accounts when they register with the online casino they have selected. Follow the link to find out more about No Deposit bonuse.

Match Bonuses

Just like the signup bonus for every new registration, every player who first deposits in an online casino account receives a match bonus. The amount of the money with match bonuses differs from casino to casino and game to game. Usually, many casinos offer 100% of the deposit and some online casinos offer even 200%+ match bonuses. Online casinos have a limit on their match bonus offers. Nowadays, they offer match bonuses up to $10,000+.

Most of the casinos offer match bonuses only for the first deposit. But top online casinos offer match bonuses up to first three or four deposits. For example, with a 200% match bonuses, the first deposit of $50 receives $100, and this will be the same for the second and third deposits as well. However, some casinos decrease the percentage of match bonuses after the first deposit. For example, they will provide 200% for the first deposit and 100% for the second and 50% for the third deposit. However, with match bonuses, too, the recipients should abide by the WRs. Therefore, players have to check the terms and conditions before they receive their match bonuses.

Free Spins Bonus

Online casinos offer free spins for chance based games such as online slots and roulette. Some online casinos offer free spins for every registration at online slots or roulette games. Usually, the free spins bonus ranges from 10 to 100+. But some online casinos require the recipients of free spins to complete within pre-set timeframes. If players cannot use them within the set timeframes, the unused spins will be confiscated. Free spins also bring in wagering requirements. However, some casinos offer spin bonuses totally free.

Loyalty Bonus

Long standing internet casino players at their selected casinos are eligible to receive loyalty bonuses. Some online casino players have lifetime memberships with their selected casinos and regularly engage in games at those casinos. Online casinos appreciate such casino players and reward them with loyalty bonuses. However, the duration that an online casino player should be with an online casino to be eligible for receiving loyalty bonus differs from casino to casino. Most of the online casinos have digital systems that deposit loyalty bonuses in such players’ accounts after pre-set time-frames.

High Roller Casino Bonus

Some online casinos offer High Roller Bonuses for those who deposit a large amount of money at one time. The sum of money that a player should deposit to receive high roller bonuses varies from casino to casino. However, they are offered for the first deposit above $500. Online casinos attach wagering requirements to their high roller bonuses as well.

Reload Bonus

Most of the online casinos offer Reload Bonuses for every deposit. But some offer reload bonuses from time to time. Reload bonuses range from $5 to $50. They may also carry wagering requirements. The difference between welcome and reload bonus is that online casinos offer reload bonus for their existing players whereas they offer welcome bonuses only to new registrations.

Friend Introduction Bonus

Some online casinos offer Friend introduction bonus to online casinos players who introduce their friends to the same casinos they play in.  Since this bonus is identical to that of commissions for trade, they may not bring in any Wagering Requirements.

Money Back Bonus

For those who lose a huge amount of money at games, some casinos offer money back bonus. Usually, the money back bonus will be a percentage of the money that such players have lost. For example, an online casino player would receive money back bonus of $100 when he or she lost $500.

Payment Method Bonus

All the online casinos provide a range of banking options for new registrations. However, some banking options are more popular among people than others. Therefore, online casinos offer a bonus called ‘payment method selection bonus’ to encourage new registration to select certain banking options. It is also a bonus that has no any wagering requirement.

Promo Bonus

All the time, online casinos introduce new games, and they need to encourage casino players to play these new games. Therefore, they offer promo bonuses to the players who volunteer to play such games. Usually, the promo bonuses are free cash or spins.

VIP Schemes

Top online casinos comprise of VIP rooms for their distinguished players. These casinos rate their players as they play and provide them VIP levels. Within the VIP rooms too, top online casinos provide many levels for their VIP players. At each level, VIP players receive exquisite mementoes and free cash bonuses.  Online casino players also receive Reward and COMP points which they can convert to cash after the pre-set time frames of the relevant casinos.

What must online casino players consider?

Online casino bonuses may have high wagering requirements (WRs). Therefore, the applicants for such bonuses or the recipients of such bonuses have to study what the WRs are, and their terms and conditions before they apply for or use them. They may not be able to withdraw their winning monies if they receive bonuses with high WRs since they have to meet the WRs to be eligible to withdraw.

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