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South Carolina may be home to some of the most magnificent, crystal clear beaches full of sun and sand, but unfortunately there aren’t many gambling options for those who wished to dabble in their favorite casino games as well as lapping up the rays and riding on the waves.


The state of South Carolina has only 2 regulated and 100% legal casino facilities available to enjoy. In total there are more than 600 slot reel machines as well as video casino games and over 30 live table options. So, although there aren’t many options to choose between, there is still a wide variety of games to pick from.


However, those of you who were really looking for a little more, the road doesn’t have to end there. Oh no. In actual fact, did you know that there are hundreds of casinos right inside your home? That’s right. Those of you who have a working computer and internet can tap into the many online casinos and gaming websites offered for players all over the world. Make sure first that the casino accepts US players, because not all do, and that is reputable before you game though. You can check on various online casino reviews to see whether the site in question is to be trusted or not.


Additionally, if you feel like having a really great casino experience, fully inclusive with other amenities like fine dining, live entertainment and overall thrill and excitement, then you can make your way to one of the many Riverboat Cruise ships. These cruises allow you to gamble on the seas and are 100% legal and safe as well as a whole lot of fun too!

South Carolina Gambling Laws

South Carolina’s gambling laws are old-fashioned, in the sense that the only forms of gambling sanctioned by the state are lottery and bingo. More and more lawmakers propose a new set of gambling laws in the Palmetto State, but so far, not one bill has been passed.


South Carolina CasinoGaming houses or facilities, as well as gaming devices, are banned in South Carolina. Anyone who is caught in possession of gambling paraphernalia will face jail time of up to 30 days or fined with the amount not exceeding $100. Even tribal gaming, which is allowed in other states, is strictly regulated in South Carolina. Because of this, there are still ongoing legal processes that would decide whether the Catawba Indian Nation, which is the only federally recognized tribe in the state, will be allowed to build a casino on their lands. The only way for SC residents to play casino games is to join to the “Casino Cruises” on three miles out of the international waters. An example of such casino is Suncruz Casino. The legal age for participants is 21.

Horse Track Racing

South Carolina Horse Track RacingIt is prohibited in this state, but there’s one little exception. Betting at Springdale Race Course during the Carolina Cup and the Colonial Cup International Steeplechase is permitted but with strict wagering rules and policies. Participants in this sole betting event must be at least 21 years old.




South Carolina LotteryBecause there’s no other type of gambling permitted in South Carolina other than the state lottery, this gaming form is very popular in the state. Among the most popular games are PowerBall, MegaMillions and Lucky Life. Various lottery events are authorized by the state as long as proper permits and licenses are acquired.The legal age to participate in the lottery is 18 years old.

Online Gambling

South Carolina Online GamblingNot surprisingly, online gambling is not mentioned in South Carolina’s gambling laws. It means that online casino and online poker are not regulated by the state. However, since the state has always implemented stringent rules when it comes to gambling, it is safe to assume that online casino is also prohibited.


Charitable Gambling

South Carolina Charitable GamblingBingo is only allowed as a charitable game and if it is done to raise funds for a charitable cause. The game is regulated by the South Carolina Charitable Gaming Law. The most popular bingo halls zre Lucky Bingo in Charleston and Clover Bingos in Clover. Indian tribes also have their own bingo halls, such as the Catawba Bingo Hall.


Pari-Mutuel Betting

It is not allowed in South Carolina. Anyone caught engaging in illegal pari-mutuel gaming will be charged with misdemeanor. If proven guilty, the participant may face jail time of up to 12 months unless he pays a fine.


Predictably, all kinds of poker games are also prohibited in the state. Even social home-based poker games are also illegal.

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