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Slots Guide

Slots casino guide

Regardless of how large or small a casino is, it will have slot machines somewhere on the site. Of all the games that are played legally in the U.S., slots rank as number one for drawing people into the casino. There is something electric in the air when the rows of machines are humming with people putting money into the machine and the clanking of coins in the tray for each win. Even when the rows and rows of slots are empty (about 3:00 a.m.) their shiny cases and glittering lights sets the tone for everyone that walks through the main floor.

Slot Denominations


Slot Machines – nearly every facility labelled as a casino offers slot machine play, and generally the minimum bet per pull is 50-cents. There are some casinos that still have penny slots with a minimum of 1-cent, though.

  • Penny slots – There are “penny” slot machines that accept pennies but require at least a 50-cent per pull minimum.
  • Nickel slots – these are usually the favorites of slot players and you are likely to see people sitting at them for hours on end.

  • Dollar machines – these are usually the top amount found on casino floors with minimums of $1 – $5 per play depending on the machine

A Word about Progressive Jackpot Slots

Megabucks Jackpot

Progressive jackpot slots function by linking a group of machines together to determine the amount and frequency of winning payouts. In one Las Vegas casino, a machine that uses this method pays out on average once per year with winnings topping $10 million. There are machines that are linked together to create a progressive jackpot. Sometimes, these machines are side by or set up in a group but other times, they are spaced randomly throughout the casino. The slot machine will have some indication on the front in very large letters if it is part of the progressive play. Just look for the magic words “Progressive Jackpot”.

These jackpot machines may be the straightforward match 3, 4, 5 symbols from the One Arm Bandit days, electronic casino games such as poker, craps, blackjack or they may even be the latest in video games, such as Avatar.

Progressive Jackpot payout percentages differ from state to state as well as machine to machine, within any particular casino. The payouts range from 75% of the amount total that a player puts into the machine to as much as 98%. The frequency of payouts varies as much as the amount that a machine is set to pay. $1 machines with a minimum of $1 per pull may pay out every 100,000 – 1,000,000 spin. In general, the higher the minimum bet the longer the frequency of winning payouts occur.

Lightning Jackpots

Lightning Jackpot

There are some really huge payout slots that are called Lightning slots, because Lightning only hits once in a while. These slots may have up to 40 pay lines and as many as 15 reels. The maximum bet on these machines ranges from $1500 to $2000 depending on the casino.

The game includes 2 main bonus rounds, the Plasma Bonus round and the Lightning Bonus round and wild cards appear throughout the play and a greater number of wild cards show up in each of the bonus rounds.

Electronic Casino Games

Video games

The electronic casino games are often called video games. Technically, they are partially video but because they require dealing cards, which is a simulation done through electronic coding, they aren’t legitimately video.

The most popular of these games are Video Poker and Video Blackjack. You’ll find these machines set into the bar and table in every lounge in the casino. They cost anywhere from a quarter per play to a dollar per play.

Video Theme Games

Avatar casino game machine

Video Simulation Slots – some casinos offer video game slots that include poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and video game-based play.

  • Sensory Immersion games – these games indulge virtual sensations with physical sensations, for example the Aladdin game’s seat moves in sequence with the game as if you are on a magic carpet flying through the air
  • Adaptive slots – fully interactive video games where player chooses personal preferences and accomplishments

  • 3-D story-based games – similar to Adaptive slots

These games range in price and it’s important to read the machine and find out what it costs before you sit down and get disappointed. Many of these video games, because they are a story require that you get a card for a specific amount of money which can range from $50 to $100 minimums. The money is changed into credits and you play any number of credits for each spin. Many of these machines have an 800-credit maximum per play.

Slots Tips

  • Make sure that you check to see how many credits you’ll be playing if you hit the “full credit” button. Each slot machine – even in the same game – differs.
  • Every single time that you hit the play button, you have a 50-50 chance of winning – no more and no less. The odds always remain the same.

Let’s clear one thing up right now about playing slots. You will hear slot players say that you should play this or that slot because it has not hit in a while. You will also hear them say that the longer you play, the better chance you have of winning. Neither of these statements is true in the least.

Slots FAQs

Slots FAQ

Is it true that you can get comps for playing slot machines and if so, what kind of comps?

Yes, you can get comps after playing about $50 or $100 in slots IF you have established a friendly relationship with the slot hostess during your play. “Friendly” is not “flirting” – it is being polite and tipping the hostess when you win more than $10. Then, if you ask for a comp for the buffet, you’ll most likely get it.

Overall Experience

If you enjoy tinkering away some time, while you are waiting for your seat at the restaurant, to open up or enjoy watching the symbols spin by to help you forget your problems, slots c

an be a lot of fun to play. Winning happens to everyone at some point. You’re not likely to get rich playing slots but you are most assuredly going to have fun.


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