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Casinos in Texas for Secured, 100% Safe and Legal Gambling Opportunities

Gambling is still celebrated in the state of Texas with a whole heap of casinos to choose from and if you are looking for a fabulous avenue to make some money, then you are in luck. However, be sure to learn about the various regulations that govern gambling in the state before you go ahead and start spending your hard earned money. Learn about the history, and use it to make sure you have the best possible gambling experience in the state of Texas!

History of Texas casinos

Gambling and a number of gaming facilities have always been part of Texas’ history and delving a little further in order to learn about the regulations that govern gambling in the state is extremely important. Unregulated gambling was at its peak in the state in the 1870’s and irrespective of all the pressure that the state faced with regards to its vices, gambling avenues along with some other vices did not get curtailed.


Gambling is indeed a great way to relax, spend your money and forget about other worries in the world. However, it is also incredibly important to account for your decisions by choosing the right casinos in Texas to play at. Choosing the perfect casino is necessary because at the end of it all, it’s not just about gambling; it’s about the overall gaming experience including other aspects such as entertainment and dining. Our list of the top gaming casinos in Texas is fully comprehensive and will allow you to take a pick from only the very best.


Take some time out and do your homework so you can choose the best of the best, making sure that only 100% safe, legal and secured gambling options are chosen. There are indeed a whole host of options to choose from, so be careful and do not get swayed by fancy literature or marketing ploys on the casinos’ websites. Instead, use reviews online in order to steer your decision in the right direction!


Texas casinos offer a fine, secured and 100% safe gambling experience all year round.

Texas Gambling Laws

Texas Hold‘Em Poker is one of the most popular games in the gambling industry. This could be a good reason why one would attempt to go on a trip to the state of Texas to explore the possible gaming options. However, there is a big chance that doing so will only disappoint you, considering the fact that this state still has some strict restrictions.


Texas CasinosThere are no commercial casinos in Texas, as keeping a ‘gambling place’ is deemed illegal by the state. Although there are three federally-recognized Indian tribes there, only one of them owns and operates a casino at the moment. The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino is owned by the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas, and is found in Eagle Pass. It offers over 2,800 video slots, as well as high limit gaming area, private poker room and Bingo. The minimum age for casino gambling is 21.


Texas Pari MutuelBetting on horse races is legal in Texas through pari-mutuel bets. Players can bet on live races at any of the race tracks in Texas, such as Lone Star Park and Sam Houston Race Park. These places also offer simulcast races. Only three licenses are given for greyhound racing in the state – Gulf Greyhound ParkGulf Coast Race Track and Valley Race Park, where live and simulcast races are offered. The minimum age to place bets on both these races is 21.

Charitable Gambling

Texas Charitable GamblingGames for charity in the form of bingo, pull-tab games and raffles are allowed in Texas. Of course, strict rules are in place for those who would like to secure licenses to hold these games – only non-profit charitable organization are allowed. Minimum age to play is 18, although those who are younger may do so as long as they have their parents with them.



Texas LotteryTexas has its own state lottery that was established in 1991. State’s residents participate in interstate lotteries as well. Among the most popular games are Mega Millions, Power Ball, Lotto Texas, Cash Five and other. Minimum age to participate in these games is 18.




Texas PokerLive poker games are legal in the state, however, only at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle casino. It is also allowed by the state’s law to play social poker games. The main requirements for such games are all participants should have a prior social relationship, and no one can make a profit from these games. Online poker is illegal.


Online Gambling

The current state’s statutes don’t explicitly determine whether online gambling is legal or illegal. However, it’s rather considered as illegal. Thus, it doesn’t seem Texas will join to other states in regulating online poker.

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