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How do the secure and safe casinos in Vermont function?

Vermont is a state where any unregulated form of casino gambling is dealt with strictly. The state does not define gambling properly, but points out that lottery or any game of chance could be described as gambling. The individual players are not punished, but the operators are liable for stringent action if they do not follow the rules strictly.


There are, however, a couple of outlets for gambling. Charitable gambling is also permitted but only a few times in a year. There are no tribal or commercial casinos in the state of Vermont, and there are also no racetracks. Earlier, dog races and horse races were allowed in Vermont and but now the rules have changed. Unfortunately, today the state permits charitable and lottery gambling alone because of the strict laws.


Although there may not be a whole load of choices for Vermont casinos, there is still a solution to satisfy your gambling wants and needs. This solution comes in the form of online gambling, and can be really, really rewarding! Online casinos, as well as online betting sites, have become incredibly popular and widely used all over the world because they are a really great way to game from the confines and comforts of your own home. What makes many online casinos a great option is the fact that there are a number of reputable, legal and trustworthy sites out there that cater to all American players too, regardless of the gambling laws of the state. Find the names of these sites by looking on review sites all over the net. You’ll see the same big names popping up—Grand Parker, Ruby Royal and so on. Remember, what makes a truly great all round virtual casino are the games, promotions, software, banking options as well as customer support avenues.


Alternatively, if you feel like getting out and about and enjoying a little vacation as well as an unforgettable time gaming, you need to get yourself to a neighboring state which legally permits gambling. Both Massachusetts and New York are both great gambling hotspots, as well as fabulous places to visit, so you can really make the most of both worlds!

Vermont Gambling Laws

The gambling laws in Vermont are pretty straightforward in the sense that not a lot of gambling is allowed throughout the state. It remains to be one of the places in the country that still chooses to be rigid about gambling. With so many restrictions, you would think that Vermont also enforces strict penalties to those who are found to be guilty of breaking these laws. However, this does not seem to be true at all. Fines are set at a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $200 according to the Vermont Statutes, which is not really a lot compared to the fines set in other states.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

Vermont Pari MutuelIt is allowed in licensed on-tracks, except on Sunday before 1 p.m. However, there are no live racetracks at the moment, so none of this is still applicable. Remote betting or off-track betting is not allowed, so those who want to gamble on races in other states via simulcast still do not have the luxury to do so.



Vermont LotteryThe state lottery is the primary form of gambling in Vermont that was established in 1977. Currently, it includes Powerball, Mega Millions, Megabucks Plus (Tri-State), Lucky for Life, Gimme 5, Pick 3 and Pick 4.  Scratch cards are also available in various lottery outlets all over the state. It’s interesting that players must be 18 years to buy a lottery ticket, but anyone under 18 may receive it as a gift.

Charitable Gambling

Vermont Charity GamblingA number of games are allowed if the proceeds will be going to charity. Just like many other states, Bingo is the most common game played in these kinds of events. Pull-tab types of games and raffles are also allowed. Vermont also proves to be quite lenient in these charitable events, as they also allow Vegas Nights and Poker Nights, something that is not allowed in other states even for charitable gaming. The minimum age for participants is above 18.


Vermont PokerOnly charitable poker tournaments are allowed in the state. However, because there is nothing explicitly saying in the current state’s laws, social (home) poker games are also tolerated while no one has a profit from the game. Online gambling is prohibited.




Unlike in other states, there are no legal casinos in the Vermont – neither commercial casinos nor tribal ones. The only way to enjoy gambling legally is go to the neighboring New York or Massachusetts.

Online Gambling

Vermont’s gambling laws prohibit online gambling.

Sorry... No land based casinos found in Vermont, would you like to play casino online?

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