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Make Money with Casinos in Wisconsin, in a Secured Environment

As a gambling enthusiast if you are in Wisconsin and wish to play a few rounds of your favorite poker or baccarat or you wish to test your luck at the roulette, you should know that you may have a few options to choose from. We provide you with a comprehensive list of all the casinos in the state, so that you can pick and choose the best for your needs.


However, before you do go ahead and make use of the list, it is important that you pay attention and learn about the history of gambling in the state and how it has affected regulations that govern it.

History of gambling in Wisconsin Casinos

Gambling as a recreational option has continued to face some amount of resistance from the state, however, today a number of regulated and legalized gambling options in USA are available to those who simply cannot live without trying out their luck every alternate day.


So, today you do have multiple options to choose from when it comes to Wisconsin Casinos. However, it is also very important that you do your research and only pick the absolute best for the perfect gaming experience.


Be patient and choose the best casinos that are available to play at, when you do so, you can be assured that you will not only make some great money, but you will also have the most enjoyable experience imaginable.


Millions of people enjoy themselves at casino every day, and that’s what casinos are for. So, choose wisely and you can get set to have the time of your life in Casinos in Wisconsin. Get set to play, get set to win and get set to have the time of your lives in this beautiful state.

Wisconsin Gambling Laws

Compared to other stricter states, the gambling laws in Wisconsin are easier to keep track of. As long as gamblers take part in gambling within legal gambling facilities, they will encounter no problem while enjoying the gambling opportunities.


Wisconsin CasinoThere are a lot of tribal casinos all over the state, conducted by 11 federally recognized tribes, that offer slots, table and poker games, as well as electronic games of chance. Some of the most popular are Ho-Chunk Gaming (which has a number of branches all over the state), North Star Mohican Casino Resort, and Potawatomi Bingo Casino. It’s interesting to know that the state laws require the electronic games of chance pay out between 80% and 100%. The minimum age to gamble is from 18 to 21, depending on the facility and the game. There are no commercial casinos in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin State LotteryWisconsin has its state lottery that has generated more than $11.4 billion in total revenue since 1988. The state also participates in interstate lottery games such as Powerball. Remember that you cannot use the credit card to purchase the lottery tickets – they may only be purchased with cash. The legal age to participate in lottery games is 18.


Charitable Gambling

Wisconsin Charitable GamblingCharitable bingo games and raffles (including duck race raffle) are allowed according to the state laws, and there are 9,000 raffles and 450 bingo organizations in Wisconsin. Nonprofit organizations that have existed for at least three years with at least 15 members are qualified to apply for a license to host these charitable gaming events. The prize given in a single bingo game should not exceed $500, and the total value of prizes should not be greater than $2,500. Entrance to these events should not exceed $1, and extra cards can be purchased at no more than $1 each. Raffles are also allowed under the charitable gaming laws. Although 18 remains to be the legal gambling age applied to charitable games, those below this age are allowed to play if they have an adult accompanying them.


Wisconsin PokerThere are around 10 poker rooms (with more than 50 tables) that are allowed only in the tribal casinos. Online poker, as well as online gambling, is forbidden by Wisconsin state regulations, but people from this state can play at the online casinos located in other US states.




Wisconsin MachineCrane games are allowed because these games are considered as a skill rather than chance-based games. The prizes for such crane games, however, should be less than $5. Pinball is also allowed because of the skill required to play the game. Slot machines, however, are legal only inside a Wisconsin tribal gaming facilities.


Pari-Mutuel Betting

Betting on horse and dog races through pari-mutuel wagering is allowed in this state, although there are no active racetracks within Wisconsin. You can also bet through many of off-track betting rooms, for example, in Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. The legal age to bet is 18.

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