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All you need to know about safe casinos in Minnesota

Playing in casino establishments has long been considered one of the greatest forms of entertainment by people across the world. And the residents of Minnesota are no exception.


Both slots machines and card games are permitted in the state of Minnesota, all of the casinos being owned by the American Indian tribes. Although you may not get the mechanical slots with the reels in Minnesota, and the payout level is bound by the terms, there are still some really great gaming options to enjoy. It is comforting to know that in Minnesota casinos, all payout information must legally be released to all players.


The casinos have to run as per the hours allotted. They provide video poker, slots, as well as some additional specialty games. The age of the players should be 18 years minimum and most of the casinos permit valet parking free of charge which is highly convenient and perfect for those coming from out of town.

How to play and win in a Minnesota casino?

Keep in mind that each casino has specific payment schedules for each game and there are often many winners every day. It is advised, if you are thinking of gambling at a casino in Minnesota, to make sure you fully understand the games you are playing. There is the option to play for free online at many online casinos, which is a great way of familiarizing yourself with the rules of the games and assessing whether you would like to try your luck in real life. Practicing on casino games beforehand ensures that you know which the best to bet at are and which should be avoided. Keep in mind that in some games, even if you think you are playing well and winning big, the house edge can sometimes bring you down. Also be sure when you start gambling that you don’t bet too high at first. Get settled in first, and really try to get in the zone, before handing over you precious cash.


Select only a casino in USA that has a valid license and has been in business for a long time. Reviews will play a large role in determining whether you should register at the casino. Also, be sure to check if the casino offers you a wide range of games to pick from. Additionally, and as previously touched upon, start from a lower wager amount and raise it gradually so that you gain experience and confidence over time. Pick only the games that have higher odds of winning and stay away from the others!

Minnesota Gambling Laws

Minnesota gambling laws are very strict and clear about gambling – if any game is not specifically mentioned under the Minnesota Statutes and Rules Governing Lawful Gambling as being legal, then it is not. There are no commercial casinos in the state, only Tribal ones, but a lot of other available legal forms of gambling offered here.

Tribal Casinos

tribecasinominnesotaThere are 18 casinos in Minnesota, all of them owned and operated by the local Native American tribes under a combination of state law, tribal-state compact and tribal ordinance. For example, Treasure Island Resort & Casino offers over 2,500 slot machines and more than 50 table games, as well as the largest non-smoking casino area in the Midwest.


Pari-mutuel Betting

parimutulminnesotaBetting on horse races is considered as legal in the State of Minnesota, as long as it stays within the confines of pari-mutuel betting. It means that all bets will be pooled into one total amount, and this amount will be splitted among the winners after each race. Through this process, the state ensures that players do not play against the ‘house’, which is considered as illegal.



State Lottery

lotterymennosotaThe state lottery in Minnesota offers a number of different lottery and scratch games. Some popular lottery games played are Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, All or Nothing, and Gopher 5. Prizes vary depending on the game, and the number of matches made. Tickets can also be bought through any of the retailers found all over the state, or online.


Charitable Gaming

CharitableGamingminnesotaCharitable gaming means that the games are hosted by nonprofit organizations, where the proceeds will go directly to their cause. The games offered in these events vary, and the most popular ones are bingo, raffles, pull tabs, and tip boards. To maintain legality, those who organize such events should document the amount of donations gathered, the total number of participants, the total amount of prizes awarded, and the number of prizes given out.

Online Gambling

Online-GamblingminnesotaMinnesota has not yet written anything specific about online gambling, so, it is illegal in Minnesota. But if you want to play online casino games legally here, all you’ll need is to find the online gambling site that’s based outside this state and accept Minnesota residents.



Different Social Games

SONY DSC– Social card games – They are allowed by the state, which means that individual could still play a few rounds of cribbage, Texas Hold ‘Em, Gin, and a few other similar games as long as it is not done for profit to the owner or be organized on a regular occasion. Prizes awarded in such social games should not exceed $200 for a single tournament per day. The participants must be at least 18 years old.



diceminnesota– Dice in Liquor Establishments – Social dice games are also allowed in liquor establishments, as long as the licensed establishment itself does not participate or organize these games. These games are Shake-a-day, 3-2-1, Who Buys, Last Chance, Liar’s Poker, 6-5-4, Horse and Aces. Wagers have to be limited to drinks or food, without any cash involved.




– contests_and_promotionsminnesotaAn Essay Contest – There are a lot of contests in Minnesota between participants that could win different prizes (like car, vacation, or even the hotel) based on results of written essay. Few referees judge participants’ writing skills, speed, quality of the material. But because of it may be estimated largely subjective such contests sometimes may be considered as an illegal lottery by the Gambling Enforcement Division. So contestants should be careful before participate in essay contests.

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