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When you set about your search for the best casinos in Oregon, it is important that you spend some time doing your homework about the history of gambling in the state and also the various regulations that govern gambling at Oregon casinos. It is important to understand that the rules and regulations about gambling differ from state to state within America, so whichever state you wish to game in, its vital to do the research.

History of gambling in the state of Oregon

In terms of the history of gambling in the state of Oregon, it all came pretty late. All forms of gambling were unregulated and therefore illegal until the introduction of authorized lottery tickets in 1984 and a little while later the introduction of sports betting facilities. Since this point, gambling in the state of Oregon has really sky-rocketed, and today the state is actually know to generate some of the highest revenues as a result of the many gambling facilities that are available in the region.


Keep in mind that all the gaming facilities in Oregon are operated by the Native American’s and are situated in the Indian territories of the state. Nonetheless, there are some really great casinos as well as resorts available to all residents and visitors of the state. There are heaps of slot machines, electronic table machines and live table machines, as well as poker and all kinds of tournaments at players’ disposal when they choose to play at casinos in Oregon.


We have added all the best gambling facilities in the area to our list which can be found just above. Scroll through the many options until you arrive at your perfect choice. When you have something in mind, take yourself to the casinos website and see for yourself exactly what they offer you in terms of games, promotions, hospitality and overall experience. And one last word of advice, make sure to check on the website what the minimum age for gambling is in the establishment, as this can differ from casino to casino across the state, and it would be a great shame to travel all the way only to find you aren’t of age.

Oregon Gambling Laws

Oregon gambling laws have a long history and are more defined compared to the majority of states in the US. This state has legalized a few types of gambling, including Native American casinos, horse and dog racing, charitable gambling, social gaming and lottery.


oregon-casinosThe only state-sanctioned casinos in the state are tribal ones. Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, tribes operating casinos in Oregon can offer Class III gaming (lotteries and casino games). The state has nine federally recognized tribes that own 9 authorized casinos. Some of these are Chinook Winds CasinoSeven Feathers Hotel and Casino, Indian Head Casino and Three Rivers Casino and Hotel. There was an attempt to create the first non-tribal casino, but so far it remains only in plans due to the opposition of the government. The legal gambling age ranges from 18 to 21 and depends on the casinos.

Sports Betting

oregon-SportsBettingAccording to Oregon’s pari-mutuel betting agreement, horse and dog track racing are permitted. Off-track betting for these two types of gambling are also allowed. The state granted 11 sites scattered throughout Oregon. All these sites are licensed through Portland Meadows, the only horse race track in the state. Greyhound racing was held from 1933 to 2004 until the last Greyhound track in Multnomah Greyhound Park was closed because of the sport’s declining popularity. In 1997, Oregon was one of the first states to authorize betting “hubs” accepting wagers electronically from out-of-state bettors on horse and dog races nationwide. Today there are ten state-approved hubs, including TVG and TwinSpires. For pari-mutuel betting, a player must at least be 18 years old.


oregon-pokerThere are three options for playing live poker games within the state. Firstly, these are poker-rooms at the Tribes. Secondly, there are poker cardrooms outside the tribal casinos, that keep going to be legal until it doesn’t bring profit for participants. Thirdly, members can also play social poker games, which fall under non-profiting rules and carried out mostly at home. Online poker is mentioned in the penal code. Nevertheless, the law refers not to the players but to the operators who want to run the game and earn some money.


Oregon-LotteryOregon Lottery is the state-approved type of gambling that was amended in the state’s constitution in 1984. Inter-state lottery games are also allowed here. There is an interesting controversy with the introduction of video poker machines in Oregon. To capture the revenue from the illegal industry of video poker, in 1989 video lottery terminals were authorized to be installed in restaurants and bars. However, this plan was abandoned and only after the private machines were banned in 1991, the Lottery did move forward, turning on the first video poker games. In 2005, the line games, similar to slots, were added to these terminals. In 2011, there were over 12,000 terminals, earning $721 million in revenue.

Social Gambling

oregon-social-gamblingSocial gambling is legal in Oregon. These games are other than a lottery, between players in a private home, private clubs and public accommodations, where no house bank, house player or house odds exist and there is no house income or profit. All social games can be conducted as long as a permition is obtained. 18 is the minimum age requirement allowed in social gambling.

Charitable Gambling

Bingo, raffles and Monte Carlo event games are allowed in the Beaver State and can be operated by a licensed non-profit organization for fundraising purposes. License fees vary from $20 to $100. Participants must at least be 18 years old to join these games.

Online Gambling

It’s totally illegal in the Beaver State. Accepting payments as a reward for online casino games is punishable by the state. Any violation will be charged with a Class C felony that comes with a punishment from 1-day to 10-year stay in jail.

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