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Video Games Guide

When we speak of casino video games, we are referring to a particular sector of slot machine games. For the most part they are played similar to slot machines but instead of putting in coins before each pull, you buy into the game for whatever amount you specify from the selection and then play with “credits” remaining.

Video Games

Casino video games

Some casinos offer a large variety of specialty video games ranging from matching symbols, video casino games and video themed games. The matching symbol machines are the type that was once called the One-Arm-Bandits where three cherries win a pot. Today these types of machines are the least prevalent in the casino.

Video Casino Games

  • Poker – there are more than 100 different video poker variants that may be found in any number of casinos. You may also stand pat and change no cards. Most of the machines allow you to increase your bet, as well. In general, you are dealt 5 cards and have the option to replace all or some of those cards before hitting play.
  • Blackjack – unlike the game at tables, you have only one opportunity to accept the dealt cards, double down or split the hand before you push the play button. You cannot replace the cards dealt, however.
  • Craps – not as popular as the card games, the video craps machines allow you to bet Pass/Don’t Pass, Place and Field. You must choose how you wish to bet before the Come-out roll is made.
  • Roulette – as with Craps, the plays are limited to Red/Black, Inside Straight Up, Outside Red/Black Odd/Even and En Prison bets. You must decide your bet before the wheel is engaged.
  • Progressive slots – there are progressive casino game slot machines that are linked together to offer players a bigger payoff than a single play machine. These machines may be grouped together or scattered throughout the casino. The amount of play collectively done on these linked machines contributes to the jackpot amount offered. There may be as many as 20 – 50 different groups of machines linked together electronically with some machines being part of more than one group.

Video Themed Games

  • Sensory Immersion – these games indulge the senses of the player by using visual stimulation as well as mechanical movement of the seat, such as the Aladdin game allows the player to choose the intensity of the seat movement at the start of the game. These themed games may be movies running before, during and after the spin, music videos and interactive games where you are playing a character.
  • Adaptive Slots – these are fully interactive 3D games similar to an RPG game on a home gaming setup.
  • Community Slots are definitively grouped machines where all the players in a specific area are part of the group and like progressive slots, each player contributes to amount of bonus rewards available.

The Most Popular Casino Video Themed Games

Avatar casino video game

These are the themed games that are either story-based or music video adaptions of other popular media systems. They began showing up about three years ago in full selection casinos as a novelty and have become the main attraction in the slot machine section of the casino. They are primarily played by a time gauged system and you need to buy the appropriate card to play them. You may also laugh at the people waiting in line behind you if the mood strikes you. Here are the top 10 according to the associations that track this information for casinos.


  • Aladdin & The Magic Quest – this is the hottest game in every casino right now for some very good reasons. The player sets the seat motion and volume intensity so that you feel, heard and have the experience of the magic carpet ride as you play this video slot game.


  • Avatar – this has just been released this year and is giving Aladdin a real run for top spot. The 3D movie graphics that intertwine with the slot play are phenomenal.

Wizard of Oz Emerald City

  • Wizard of Oz Emerald City – is a sensory immersion that brings the characters of the famous movie to life.

Tarzan & Jane

  • Tarzan & Jane – there are several series of this gaming favorite but it has been cited in the top 10 favorites for three years straight

Star Trek Series

  • Star Trek Series – another serial video slot based on television show and movies, this game offers plenty of bonus spins as you progress to the next level or “round” as it is referred to in the video slot business

Willy Wonka

  • Willy Wonka – this slot began life as fruit-graphic spin machine and has now been reborn into a 3D Sensory Immersion video game with the Chocolate Factory and character additions. One of the tickets on this machine pays $5000!

Dark Knight & Batman Series

  • Dark Knight & Batman Series – another 3D Sensory Immersion video slot, this game includes a free spin feature and the “wild” symbol can substitute all other symbols during the game. There are 4 types of jackpots that appear on this slot.

Lord of the Rings

  • Lord of the Rings – this is a penny slot with a minimum bet per spin of 40-cents. It follows the Middle Earth adventure and offers 8-bonuses during the game, as well as mystery spin and power spin features.

Michael Jackson

  • Michael Jackson – this music video game is a 5-reel game and has a top jackpot of $750,000. It includes sound effects and his music while the reels spin over a spotlight lit stage as the background.

It Came From Venus

  • It Came From Venus – crawling up the charts into the bottom spot is a 3D video slot with the science-fiction theme all over it. There are plenty of free spins, random wild cards and bonus rounds. This one is a real penny slot that allows you to spin for as little as 1-cent with a maximum of 50-cents per spin. The bonus rounds are slightly more complex than other games which are part of the player interest.


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