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When it comes to gambling in Georgia, most of the action actually takes place aboard cruise liners. Land based Georgia casino establishments are actually very challenging to find. Nonetheless, betting and gambling on the waves introduces new heights of gaming excitement and thrills, which promise to provide players with an out of this world experience that is difficult to match.


These magnificent cruise liners will well and truly take your breath away from the moment you step on board. Not only are the ships home to amazing casinos, they also take luxury to a whole new level by offering sensational bars, restaurants and a whole lot more. There are certain outstanding cruise ships in Georgia which are well known for their impeccable service as well as broad range of amenities, which combine to give you a refreshingly desirable casino experience. These mystifying boats move almost three miles within the international waters, docking in either at Savannah or at Brunswick. When you hop on board one of these amazing casino cruise ships, you are quite literally stepping into a fabulous and unmatched adventure that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!


And aside from the fact that this experience will provide you with the utmost exhilaration, the placing of the boards on international waters makes the whole thing one hundred percent legal. The flexible timings of the two luxurious cruise ships allow customers to make the trip either in the morning or in the evening according to their individual preference. However, if people neither have the time nor the money to hop on one of the deluxe cruise liners, there are a variety of state authorized poker card clubs as well as lottery houses for residents of Georgia and tourists to enjoy.

Georgia Gambling Laws

Georgia gambling laws are very strict and prohibit wagering on almost everything including horse or dog races. There are only three legal types of gambling in this state – bingo, state lottery and raffle for charitable organizations. The bingo game in Georgia is regarded as one of the best in the country – millions of dollars pass through the hands of bingo operators annually.


bingogeorgiaAlthough bingo is prominent and legal in Georgia, it’s still a restricted game. For prizes, the state only allows a total of $1500 per session or $3000 per week . Majority of the bingo games sanctioned by the state are meant to be fund-raising activities operated by veterans or service groups. The minimum age for bingo players is 18.



sell-lottery-paymentsGeorgia Lottery is supervised by the state government. 35% and 10% of the prizes goes to education and scholarship funds, respectively. Lottery tickets are only sold by 8,700 select retailers that have authorization to sell, such as Mega Star Gas Station and JV’s Corner. Selling counterfeit lottery cards or selling to minors is a punishable offense. To participate in lottery, a gamer must be at least 18 years old. In Atlanta, the state’s capital, digital lottery machines akin to traditional slot machines are allowed as part of the state’s attempt to increase revenues.


rafelgeorgiaGenerally speaking, raffles in Georgia are prohibited. But they can be legally sanctioned if the raffle is administered by a non-profit and tax-exempt organization or club that acquired proper gambling license. An organization or a club may apply for a special license that permits them to hold three legal raffle events in a year. Anyone who fails to acquire a license for raffle event can be punished either by one to five years jail time or up to $20,000 in fine. Raffle ticket buyers must not take the tax deduction for their ticket price. Raffle ticket participants must also be at least 18 years old.


casinogeorgiaBecause land based casinos are prohibited in the Peach State, the only way to play casino games legal here is casino boats. To entertain Georgia residents with table games, sports booking or slots the cruise ships – one docked in Savanah, one in Brunswick – sail three miles to reach international waters, where gambling is allowed.


Online Poker

pokeronlinegeorgiaAlthough there’s no rule yet if online casino or poker gambling is legally prohibited in Georgia, the state gambling laws veto gamers to enjoy any online gambling with money involved. The state is considered one of the three least poker-friendly US states.




Anyone who is caught illegally gambling in Georgia will be punished. The punishment is typically jail time, but it may vary depending on the severity of the offense, particularly if the games are held for personal profits. Since 1981 about 50 organizations have lost their bingo license through suspension or revocation for rule violations or conducting illegal gambling activities like pull-tabs, illegal lotteries and slot machines.

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