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Casinos in Nevada for a Fabulously Secured Gambling Adventure

Well, if you are in Nevada and are looking for some options related to casinos in Nevada, then you should know there are indeed a number of options to choose from. We offer you a list of the most renowned Nevada casinos, and you can pick and choose from a variety that offers fabulous rewards all year round.


First, we need to take a look at the history of gambling in the state and even familiarize ourselves with the various regulations that govern it. So, if you are indeed interested in making the most of your time, while gambling at Nevada casinos, you better read up.

History of Gambling – Casinos in Nevada

Well, you are probably aware that the roots of gambling run deeper here than in any state across the Americas. You may also associate gambling in Nevada with only the Vegas strip and its fabulous casinos, however, casinos in Nevada are known to have been quiet a rage all across. It was known as a gambling hotspot, and legal gambling options have known to be available in the state since as early in 1870 up to 1910. This made people from all over the world flock to Nevada, and it was indeed the gambling hub of the world.


In 1931 all kinds of gambling was legalized. Today, Nevada has over 250 casinos that are land based. And, depending on which part of Nevada map you are in, you can indeed pick from the ones that offer great payouts and rewards. You can read the legalities at


Well, if you are in Vegas, a quick walk around the strip will allow you to choose by all the amazement that you see, however, if you are not in Vegas, do not worry as Nevada casinos out of here too have a great deal to offer. So, choose the top casinos in Nevada and you will not be disappointed.


Casinos in Nevada make for a fabulous and extraordinarily secured gambling adventure.

Nevada Gambling Laws

Nevada is the country’s gambling pioneer, as this state has been the first in gambling legalization (1931), poker games regulation (2013) and signing an inter-state liquidity sharing agreement (2014). Nevada enforces a standard legal gambling age across all types of gambling. Only those aged 21 and above are allowed to participate in any form of a game that falls under the gambling category.

Commercial Casinos

Nevada Commercial CasinosThere are over 300 commercial casinos all over the state, which means that you can find a casino every 425 square miles and play at 200,000+ slots and different 7,036 table games. The minimum bet that you can do is $0,01 and max. bet is $50,000. However, the previous years saw some decline in gaming revenues, especially on the Las Vegas Strip, where the biggest and most popular casinos can be found. Some of the most frequently visited casinos in the state are the BellagioMGM Grand, Treasure Island and The Venetian. It’s interesting to know that the bars, the stores, and the restaurants in Nevada are also allowed to have slot machines, but they can only have up to fifteen ones per establishment.


Nevada Pari Mutuel Betting on sports has been legal in Nevada since 1949, and today, due to a low tax rate, Nevada is attractive to sports bettors. Although there are no racetracks operating in the state, betting on horse races is still allowed through off-track betting in the form of pari-mutuel wagering. This means that all wagers are put together and split among the winners, with the house having nothing to gain on the bets. The races broadcasted on these off-track betting establishments are done in other states, like Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana.

Charitable Gambling

Nevada Charitable GamblingCharitable bingo and lottery setted up by the charitable institutions (nonprofit organizations) are allowed in Nevada. The total value of the prizes in the charitable lottery can not exceed $2,500. As for the charitable bingo, the total value of its prizes can not exceed $2,500 per calendar quarter.




Nevada LotteryThere is no state lottery, despite the fact that gambling proves to be a thriving industry here. The state lottery would only mean competing directly with the commercial gambling industry. A resolution about the state lottery has been in and out of every legislative hearing, but it has never been passed. This is why Nevada residents cross the border into California to purchase their tickets.

Online Gambling

Nevada Online GamblingOnline casinos are not available in this state, but Nevada licensed online poker games for real money in 2013. It is available for the players who are located within the state borders, and Nevada citizens are not permitted play at offshore poker sites. There were three rooms in Nevada online poker industry – Real GamingWSOP Poker and Ultimate Poker – that added approximately $10 million to the overall poker revenues for the 2014 year. But after Ultimate Poker closed last year, there only are 2 ones left, and the industry insiders have not any insight into Nevada online poker scene for the nearest future


Nevada PokerPlaying live poker is legal in this state, as Nevada licenses card-rooms in addition to casinos. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, there was a slight three percent drop in poker revenues – from $123 million in 2013 to 119,9 million in 2014. The number of poker rooms in the state also declined from the 88 operations in 2013 to 79 rooms in 2014. This is the lowest number since 2004.

Tribal Casinos

Although there are a number of commercial casinos to choose from in the state of Nevada, there are still two tribal casinos around, that offer slots, table games and poker, as well as Keno and Bingo. They are Avi Resort & Casino, Moapa Tribal Casino.

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