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Casinos are becoming increasingly important in Delaware

Even though the gaming commission in the state has had to follow stringent rules and laws, the public continue to throng and enjoy the state’s collection of casinos, even in these troubled times. Delaware has also recently become one of the first states to start online casinos which offer free legal games to virtual gamers. Although there has been a little controversy with regards to the casino taxes in the area and the legal codes which have been regulated in the area, the arrival of these online casino gaming sites seems to have diminished (or at least settled) the debate for the time being.


One of the most notable features of gambling in Delaware are the world renowned poker tournaments that are held all year round. These tournaments enable all types of gamers to join in and are sure to inject a little gaming excitement into the casinos. There are three main casinos at the Delaware strip, as well as many other smaller establishemnets. What’s more, tourists and locals alike are able to enjoy all the luxuries that Delaware as a state has to offer when they step outside the casinos as well, such as crystal clear beaches and fine restaurants. All these elements ensure that there is no time for a dull moment when gambling at casinos in Delaware.


Most casino revenue earned in Delaware comes as a result of racing and slots gambling. As well as this, table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette also bring in a large amount of profit to the casinos and are also popular favorites among players. As well as the mentioned, Delaware casinos also make sure to offer gamblers great poker playing options, many of which provide gamers with a poker rooms of varying sizes.


Additionally, for anyone who would like to stay over in the state, there are various parking facilities as well as hotels and resorts to pick between. Staying over in Delaware will ensure you are completely and utterly fulfilled from your gambling vacation.


Delaware Gambling Laws

Delaware has improved its gambling laws over the past few years trying to adapt to the changes in the gambling industry all over the country. While other states still remain firm in terms of online gambling, Delaware has been one of the few ones that allows it. So, today this state has a wide number of options for regular gamers.


lotterybingoThe Delaware lottery, just like in other states all over the country, is considered as a legal form of gambling that is controlled by the state. You can find Keno, Multi-Win Lotto, Play3 or Play4, Powerball, Megamillions, Delaware Cash 5 and sports wagering. Currently, it is one of 4 jurisdictions where wagering on sports is not banned under federal law. There are over 520 retailers all over the state where players can buy their tickets; the minimum age to play the lottery is 18, except sports betting and video lottery (21).

Pari-Mutuel Betting

perimutualbetingPari-mutuel betting means that players are not betting against the house. Instead, they pool all their bets together and the total is split among the winners. This is how it’s done in horse racing, and is considered as the legal form of gambling for the sport in Delaware. Such approach is applicable both to races happening within or outside the state, as long as the racing facility is licensed by the state to receive bets.This rule concerns off-track betting too.

Charitable Gaming

charitablegamedelwaraCharitable organizations are allowed to conduct bingo games and raffles to raise funds for their cause under the auspices of the Delaware Gaming Control Board. No Limit Texas Hold‘Em Poker tournaments are also allowed, as long as the proceeds will be going to nonprofit organizations for both charitable and civic purposes.


Online Gaming and online Casinos

MONACO-GAMING-BETTING-FAIRFollowing the lead of Nevada and New Jersey, Delaware released a draft of its online gaming regulations in 2012. It also proves to be more lenient compared to other states like Nevada, where only online poker is considered legal – other online games are allowed here, even the large scale and multi-game variations. But this law allows the residents to play on state-regulated gambling sites only inside Delaware. So, for example, to gamble in online casinos state residents and visitors must be within the states borders. One more important thing to know is that only 3 sites are legally accessible here to play in Delaware – Dover DownsDelaware Park and Harrington Raceway. They all carry the same variety of games and benefits.


casinodelwareThere are 3 land based casinos: Delaware Park, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino and Harrington Raceway & Casino. These casinos offer table games, slot machines, sports betting and also have taken advantage of the state’s recent move to legalize online gaming. Most of them have decided to add virtual poker tables and other online games to each of their websites. Note that contrary to some states requiring winners of big cash prizes be identified in the media, Delaware allows winners to remain unnamed.

Online Poker

OnlinePokerdalewareSeveral poker games are available at the online casinos – Seven Card Stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi-Lo. With poker games you can use a webcam, that allows play in real time and face to face between opponents. There have been the negotiations that will allow the players in Delaware and Nevada to share online poker pools, increasing the winning pot size for players. Although the interstate gaming compact was signed in April 2014, an exact date for this shared network has not been set yet.

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