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Casino Games Guide

Games Played at U.S. Land-based Casinos

Casino games guide

Unlike many countries in the world, the U.S. bans online casino games for real money. As a result, people that wish to gamble in the U.S. must go to a casino facility in order to play for cash rewards of any type. It is important to note, therefore, that this casino games guide is intended for those who will be visiting American Land-based Casinos and does not address any online casinos or their games.

Casino Games

Casinos may offer slots only or slots, sports betting, table games and dice games or any combination of these. Each casino decides the offerings on their own. Below is the variety of games that may be offered in any particular U.S. Land-based casino:

Table Games (Full Guide HERE)


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Blackjack guide
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Poker guide
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Roulette guide
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Baccarat guide


** True Baccarat should not be confused with Mini or Midi Baccarat that is played in the Main Casino.

There is a separate Baccarat pit off the main floor. Each player is playing against all the other players and no one is playing against the house – the house has no hand in this game. Cards are drawn by each player in rotation and the dealer never touches the cards. Since the casino has no stake in the game, they receive a 5% cut of all monies played and each player is expected to tip the dealer generously.

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Mini-baccarat guide
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Craps guide
Pai Gow Poker
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Pai Gow Poker guide

There is the American Roulette which includes an extra slot for the double-zero (00) and the European game without the double-zero. The American wheel is more house-friendly since if you bet Red/Black in any way, all players lose if the ball lands in the green 00 slot.

Slot Machines (Full Guide HERE)


Slot Machines
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Slot Machines guide


Video Games (Full Guide HERE)

Some casinos offer a large variety of specialty video games ranging from matching symbols, video casino games and video themed games. The matching symbol machines are the type that was once called the One-Arm-Bandits where three cherries win a pot. Today these types of machines are the least prevalent in the casino.

Video Poker
(Strategy; Rules; Tips; FAQ; Glossary)
Video Poker guide


The Wrap Up

Even though you cannot find all the games in all facilities referred to as Casinos in the U.S., you will find that each facility does offer a strong variety of games to entertain and please their visitors.

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