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Game at all the top legal casinos in Iowa

The state of Iowa offers a number of great land based casinos where you can access all the most popular games to keep you entertained for hours at a time. Many of Iowa casinos boast excellent customer service as well as impressive bonus promotions. Over the past few years, gambling in the state of Iowa has become fully regulated and legal, meaning there are many establishments in which people can game in complete comfort and security. There has been a notable increase in the casino industry in recent years, and lottery casinos and other forms of betting are booming!


As with any casino round the world, before you visit any casino, you might want to check on the company’s website for certain information. Firstly, it wouldn’t harm to take a look at the games selection and general feel of the site to see whether you think the establishment as a whole has been presented positively. Next, check to see the minimum age for gambling in that particular casino. The age of gambling may vary from anywhere between 18-21, so make sure to check this out before making the journey to a casino only to be refused further down the line.


Next, make sure to watch out for any dress codes that the casino enforces. Some casinos are perfectly fine with customers wearing casual clothing, where other may wish for their customers to dress in something more similar to black tie attire.


Additionally, some casinos have certain rooms (poker rooms for instance) which have specific dress codes, so make sure to take note of this so you don’t miss out on an all round great experience! All of this information should appear on the casinos website, but if you are a little hesitant then there is no harm in calling the casino up directly.


Here is a list of other important things to check up on before you game at any of the casinos in Iowa:

  • Spend a little time researching the casino you wish to visit and register at
  • Ensure the casino has a valid license to operate legally
  • Make sure the casino permits players from Iowa to participate in all games
  • It is advised to gamble at an establishment that has been operating for a little while, so you can refer to reviews in order to accurately assess the company
  • Make sure there are safe, easy and convenient withdrawal and deposit methods to use
  • Check to see that the casino offers attractive promotional rewards and bonuses

Iowa Gambling Laws

Gambling in the state of Iowa is a little bit tricky in the sense that there is a wide range of activities that are allowed within the rather strict guidelines – from pari-mutuel betting and casinos to the state lottery.


iowa casinoThree types of the casinos are legal in this state – owned by Native American tribes, located on tribal land and the riverboat casinos. Iowa has been the first state to legalize riverboat gambling and the boats began operating on April, 1991. Today, there are 5 riverboat casinos in the state and some of the popular are Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs and Catfish Bend Riverboat Casino. There you can play different table games, including many variations of poker, as well as slots and social games. As for the land-based casinos, there are 11 of them within the state, both commercially and tribally owned and operated. You will find the different games here – from Blackjack, Roulette and slots to Pai Gow and Keno. The minimum age to play in the casinos is 21.

Horse Racing and Dog Racing

iowa-horsracingBetting on horse races is considered as legal in Iowa, as long as the rules of pari-mutuel wagering are followed. Live and simulcast races can be enjoyed at Prairie Meadows (horse track); dog racing have been allowed in Iowa and there are two dog racetracks – Horseshoe Casino and Mystique Casino. However, this type of gambling will soon be stopped as Governor Branstad has already signed the Senate Study Bill 3223 that will deem it illegal by the end of 2015. The reasons for this are simple: drop in its revenue by 95% and the animal rights advocates.

Charitable Gambling

iowa-charitable-gamingBingo, raffles and carnival games are allowed in the state as long as the organization running them have been proven as non-profit. Authorized veterans organizations are also allowed to play card games, as long as nobody makes a profit for operating these games. They are limited to poker, pitch, pinochle, bridge, gin rummy, hearts, euchre and cribbage.


Online Gambling

iowa-online-gamblingNo specific Iowa laws apply directly to online gambling at the moment. It means that it is covered by the current gambling laws and is considered illegal. Iowa’s legislatures have already had several unsuccessful attempts to legalize online poker (for example, Senate Study Bill 1068 in 2013). It is unclear whether any legislation will be tabled in 2015.



iowa-lotteryIowa also has its own state lottery legalized in 1985. It includes nine games: PowerBall (allowed in 1992) and Mega Millions (allowed in 2009) are among them. Official age restrictions for participating is above 21.

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