Apple’s new system software will include a ‘password killer’


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In the never-ending one-upmanship of Big Tech companies trying to gain an edge over their competitors, Apple will roll out several pro-consumer advantages in its latest system software, iOS 16, when it releases in September.

When ConsumerAffairs reviewed what’s in store for Apple users, one of the most impressive additions was the use of “passwords.” If proven effective, these unique digital keys could stop hackers at the forefront of a user’s devices.

Trying to put the vulnerabilities its previous system software issues presented behind it, Apple said its security keys would be secure and promised they would never be stored on a web server. Instead, passkeys will remain on users’ Apple devices so hackers can’t access them in the event of a data breach or trick users into sharing them.

Passkeys are designed to replace conventional passwords using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification. They will also work on apps and the web, and users can log into websites or an app on non-Apple devices using just their iPhone. The only potentially concerning caveat ConsumerAffairs found is that the security keys will only work when browsing the Internet with Safari, Apple’s web browser.

Google also works alone password killer for Android devices and Chrome browser, just like Microsoft. Apple, Google and Microsoft have previously said they are working together to “expand support for a common passwordless sign-in standard.”

Improved parental controls and health tracking are part of the new rollout

Other new features that consumers are likely to find useful in Apple’s iOS 16 include:

Family Sharing. This feature gives parents a simpler and easier way to create an account for a child by giving them the ability to set whatever parental controls they want upfront. Suggested age-appropriate restrictions for apps, movies, books, and music will be included. A cool feature is that parents can approve or deny a child’s request for more screen time right in Messages.

Medications. The upcoming Health app will include a Medications feature that will allow users to create and manage their medication list. Included will be the ability to create schedules and reminders, in addition to tracking their medications, vitamins or supplements.

For US Apple users, all they will have to do is point their iPhone camera at a label on a pill bottle to add medication. Once this medication is in the system, users will receive an alert if any critical interactions develop with their medications. Users will also be able to share their health data with loved ones and gather a PDF of their health records when asked for general information by a provider.


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