Cloud monitoring software takes center stage in overhauling enterprise infrastructure


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enterprise software intelligence market G2 announced its sixth annual Product Ranking Awards, revealing the best performing software products across a myriad of metrics and verticals.

G2 – formerly known as G2 Crowd – is like a Yelp for business software, displaying crowdsourced information, comments and reviews covering thousands of apps. This is to help businesses find and compare competing products before making a purchase decision.

It goes without saying that G2 has a lot of data – data that it uses every year to highlight the most popular software in the areas of CRMs, Accounting & Finance, HR, and more. For the first time, G2 has this year split “IT infrastructure products” as its own dedicated category, revealing Dynatrace, Logic monitor, Progress, AppDynamicsand Microsoft (Microsoft SQL Server) as the top five entities.

So why would IT infrastructure qualify for its own category this year? Well, according to Preethica Furtado, G2 Team Lead and Principal Market Research Analyst for Cloud Infrastructure, it simply comes down to market demand as companies have continued their digital transformation to stay agile and competitive.

“The emergence of cloud infrastructure has allowed companies to move away from a traditional IT hardware space and focus on modernizing infrastructure,” Furtado told VentureBeat. “For a company to undertake its digital transformation, a reliable and resilient IT infrastructure has become essential. The demand for hybrid and multi-cloud cloud environments has grown exponentially, and customers need to identify the best IT infrastructure strategy that not only handles their data-intensive workloads and applications, but at the same time provides continuity activities.

It’s also somewhat telling that cloud monitoring and management companies such as Dynatrace, LogicMonitor, and AppDynamics not only topped the IT infrastructure segment, but also emerged in the top 100 best software products, ranking at 46, 87 and 42 respectively.

simply the best

The Best Software Products category was dominated by Gong, an AI-based collaborative sales enablement platform, followed by; Amplitude analysis; attic ; and Sendoso. Gong also topped the “most satisfied products” list, a category that included Zoominfo, SalesLoft, MindTickle, and Seismic in the top five.

And another new category focused on software development tools also emerged in this year’s report, with Microsoft’s GitHub topping the list, followed by GitLab; Visual Studio from Microsoft; Apple’s Xcode; and postman. It’s worth noting that GitHub, GitLab, and Visual Studio are also in the top 100 software products category.

In truth, there’s a lot of data to analyze and glean from G2’s rankings, but there are a few big overall trends worth highlighting. With remote or hybrid working now the norm for millions of people around the world, this has created a demand for products that help teams work cohesively from disparate locations. Gong is perhaps a good example of this, as it enables revenue teams to make decisions collaboratively, while Zoom, Asana, and all make it into the top 10 global sellers list.

“The majority of top-ranked tools facilitate collaboration in hybrid environments, remote-first,” said Patrick Szakiel, market research manager and senior research analyst at G2.

Gong: Smart Sales Enablement with Built-in Collaboration

Additionally, there was some overlap between software in the Small Business, Midsize Business, and Enterprise product categories, including Gong (again!) which ranked fourth, first, and first, respectively.

“High-quality products are high-quality products, and the best solutions are agile enough to make an impact regardless of the size of the business,” Szakiel added.

And then there’s what’s arguably the biggest elephant in the room here – just about every top-ranked software product is cloud-based, reflecting a broader industry shift in terms of where companies spend. their infrastructure money.

G2 rankings are based on reviews of its market, with some 600 companies eligible for inclusion. Specifically, the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews in all categories in which they exist (e.g., “HR” and “Small Business Products”), and a software vendor or product must have received at least 50 reviews approved and published in 2021. The top 100 software sellers are ranked using a combination of satisfaction scores and “market presence”.

Other new product categories in this year’s awards lists include CAD (computer-aided design) and PLM (product lifecycle management); collaboration and productivity; Trade; content management; design; Office; and security. This brings the total number of category rankings to 26.

“As we have seen buyer attitudes and behaviors change over the past year, these awards further validate the power and need for trusted peer reviews in software purchasing decisions,” added Amanda Malko, Chief Marketing Officer of G2.

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