Ghana: Using technology to solve a societal problem – Software Developer


Wa — Young people were encouraged to use technology to solve societal problems and also create wealth to help improve the local economy.

Speaking at a digital start-up summit in Wa on Saturday, a software developer, Mr Abubakari Sherifdeen, explained that technology has become the foundation of society with which people solve development problems and livelihood in general and called on the youth of the Upper West region to move with the global wave of technology.

He said people were transforming the world in innovative ways with the creation of demand-driven mobile and computer applications that were easily accessible by the masses and challenged young people in the region and by extension the country to get involved. in information technology education to help them become innovative. thinkers too.

Dubbed the Wa Startup Summit, the event organized by Yison Tech Hub, a technology-focused organization in Wa, was themed; “Mobile Application for Sustainable Development and Job Creation in the Municipality of Wa”.

It aimed to provide some selected interns from the organization with the opportunity to pitch their business ideas on the digital applications they intended to develop to help livelihoods in the region.

Presentations of business ideas were made by five teams; each comprised of four enterprising individuals who have been guided to identify key societal challenges and create digital applications to help solve them.

Mr. Sherifdeen, one of the judges at the event, praised the youngsters for the innovation and said he believed it would help boost the local economy in the area.

Mr. Mudasir Issah, CTO of Noni-Hub, a tech-focused organization in Wa, added that in developing apps to solve societal problems, developers should not be too money conscious. but focus on contributing to the welfare of society.

He explained that focusing so much on revenue would cause the developer to lose sight of the app’s functionality.

He also encouraged potential app developers to consider making their apps user-friendly, accessible and profitable so that people are encouraged to patronize them.

For his part, Managing Director of Idea Path Consult, Mr. Lukeman Tahiru said that the limited number of decent jobs for college graduates recently, has challenged young people to acquire alternative skills in addition to education. formal education to be able to create jobs for themselves.

“Technology provides that alternative skill that we seek and it’s one of the easiest ways to find employment and advance the course of society,” he said.

He called on the youths to take advantage of the organization of the municipality and sign up for training in information technology to ensure that they were on par with their counterparts in other parts of the country. .

At the end of the event, an all-female group calling themselves Tech-Avangers came out on top with their business proposition on creating a mobile app to connect fashion designers with textile manufacturers and potential customers.


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