How technical skills and life experience play a crucial role


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We live in a world surrounded by technology. It has become an important part of our lives. From smartphones to washing machines to refrigerators, we are dependent on these machines that make our lives easier. What makes these devices work so brilliantly is the software. Software is something that guides said machine to follow the desired set of steps or rules. It may seem like a simple task, but it is not. Developing software is a job in its own right that requires great skill.


Software development refers to a set of computing activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software.” This is a typical definition of software development. In simpler terms, software is the bridge that connects technological hardware and humans. Developing such software is the major part of any software developer‘s life.

Being a software developer has its own quirks. A good and secure future with nearly abundant opportunity for career growth sounds very nice, but it’s all backed by years of skill development. To become a software developer, you must master at least one of the languages ​​understood by computers. It can be JavaScript, C++, Python or one of the few available. The choice of a working language also determines the long-term career path of a software engineer.

While it might seem like one of the new age career options to choose from, professional developers are mostly the ones who start their journey before many even understand what computer languages ​​are. From an early age, developing their skills over their lifetime and developing them with their experience is what makes them successful. It is very difficult to find developers who are at the top of their field but who started relatively later than the others. These few people would be the real prodigy.

Throughout his life, a software developer faces many challenges that add and improve his overall skills. From working on an outdated system that crashes when the errors are too complex, to walking miles to an internet cafe just to run a program teaches them the right amount of patience. This patience is a necessity for the job because bugs and errors are something that clings to the developer’s shadow. No matter how skilled a developer is, every developer has to deal with bugs and errors in code. With experience, this feat becomes easier.

Developers also have the opportunity to participate in various coding contests, many of which are even international. The best developers from around the world compete in these competitions where everyone learns something new. The competition may revolve around the speed of writing code or developing something unique or even finding and fixing bugs. These experiences shape the long career path of a software developer.

Nowadays, the competition is tougher than ever and although the demand for developers keeps increasing, not all are accepted due to the high level of skill required. Many young developers are also self-employed, giving them the freedom to choose their work. They also prefer to work from home as there is no need to go to the office as all you need to develop software is programming knowledge and a good computer. So what may seem like an easy job is in itself a journey to achieve that software developer goal.


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