SteelCloud software automates eMASS and Splunk data integration


ConfigOS Accelerates RMF with Automated Bulk Checklist Generation

ASHBURN, Va., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SteelCloud LLC, a leading developer of STIG and CIS compliance automation software, today announced the availability of a new version of its ConfigOS software that creates STIG Viewer checklists in bulk and integrates human and machine controls into data flows for eMASS and Splunk.

Over the past year, SteelCloud has worked with its military and DISA customers to reimagine the tedious effort required to complete and load STIG Viewer Checklist data into eMASS. This new feature automates the integration of documentation, manual, and control exceptions with machine controls to create fully populated checklists in bulk. SteelCloud’s ConfigOS software automates the production of thousands of completed checklists, for an entire infrastructure, with just a few keystrokes. Additionally, ConfigOS consolidates all checklist data, for thousands of systems and dozens of STIG policies, into a single ARF and ASR file for easy import into eMASS. Additionally, ConfigOS automatically integrates manual controls from the STIG Viewer Checklist into its data feeds for Splunk or the customer’s SIEM of choice. For many customers, SteelCloud’s ConfigOS provides the first COTS application capable of visualizing manual controls compliance data from a SIEM dashboard.

“This new automation is a game-changer for our DoD customers looking to improve their RMF processes,” said Brian Hajost, COO of SteelCloud. “Our software saves over 95% of the effort needed to complete checklists and load eMASS, and it automates this process in near real-time, keeping the environment, checklists, eMASS and SIEM in sync. Our integrated output allows our customers to see, for the first time, 100% of the information from the STIG Viewer checklist in a SIEM dashboard.”

SteelCloud is providing this new eMASS automation and Splunk integration capability as a free enhancement to all customers in ConfigOS version 2.8.4.

About ConfigOS
SteelCloud’s ConfigOS software is currently implemented in hundreds of commercial and government organizations. ConfigOS use cases range from commercial, cloud, SCADA and weapon systems. ConfigOS scans and fixes hundreds of system-level checks in minutes. Automated remediation rollback, along with comprehensive compliance reporting and SIEM dashboard integration, is provided. ConfigOS was designed to harden hundreds of system-level controls around an application stack in approximately 60 minutes, which typically eliminates weeks or months from the RMF accreditation timeline. ConfigOS supports Microsoft Windows workstation and server operating systems, SQL Server, IIS, IE, Chrome and all Microsoft Office components. The same instance of ConfigOS addresses CISCO, Apache, Red Hat Enterprise 5/6/7/8, SUSE, CENTOS, Ubuntu, and Oracle Linux network devices. Learn more about

About Steel Cloud
SteelCloud develops STIG and CIS compliance software for government and commercial customers. Our products automate policy and security remediation by reducing the complexity, effort, and expense of complying with government security mandates. SteelCloud has delivered policy-compliant solutions to enterprises around the world, simplifying implementation and ongoing support for security and compliance. SteelCloud products are easily licensed through our GSA Schedule 70 contract. SteelCloud can be contacted at (703) 674–5500 or [email protected] Additional information is available at www.steelcloud.comor contact Jamie Coffey at [email protected]

About eMASS
eMASS is a DoD-owned computer application that supports Information Assurance (IA), Program Management, and Risk Management Framework (RMF). It helps the DoD maintain situational awareness of AI, manage risk, and comply with FISMA. eMASS is managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and supports pre-production and field systems.


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